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    Disagree with the idea of teams using as many drivers as they want over a season! That’ll turn Caterham into a team with no drivers. They’ll simply auction both seats for every race.

    I understand they are struggling at the moment but that is because F1 is run by people who simply want to drain as much money from the sport as possible into their bank accounts.



    Just did it – not sure about the Puma sponsorship being authentic question. I assume the question is about whether they are actual sponsors or whether they are kit suppliers?

    Frankly, I’m not in the market for a racing suit or boots so seeing the product being worn doesn’t sell it to me. Having said that, their logo is all over the place on lots of drivers so it works exactly the same way as any other sponsorship. Would that therefore qualify as a “YES” to that question?



    I don’t agree with the concept that anything happens for a reason – things just happen – but this story is just another case of papers printing particularly provocative stories to make money. Would anyone be bothered if it wasn’t for the headline? I certainly wouldn’t have read it!

    I think it’s harsh to say Hamilton should have worded it better – I’ve seen the interview now and it’s just a sentance that makes sense in context. If you decide to use it as a quote out of context, you’re at fault – not him.



    Red Bull – Vettel is going to beat Riccardio but I think it’ll be a lot closer than Vettel/Webber. I think Riccardio will have some very strong qualifying performances though but I think he’ll lack that killer instinct in races that Vettel has.

    Mercedes – This will be a repeat of last year. They are so closely matched on pace, it comes down to who has the better setup and feel over the weekend.

    Ferrari – Another close one but I’d expect Alonso to come out on top in the earlier part of the year which will lead to him finishing ahead in the WDC. I’d expect them to both win races this year.

    Lotus – I think Maldonado and Grosjean will be closer than lots expect. Maldonado has shown pace before so I’d expect him to compete with Grosjean but ultimately, probably finish 2nd.

    McLaren – Button to win the 1st half of the season but Magnussen to fight hard and compete in the 2nd half.

    Force India – Hulkenberg will outqualify Perez which will lead to more points over the season but on race pace, I think they’ll be fairly competitive.

    Sauber – I’d expect Sutil to have too much for Guiterrez unless he dramatically improves this year.

    Toro Rosso – Kvyat to outscore Vergne. I understand the feeling that Vergne will have less pressure because of the Red Bull seat being filled but on the other hand, a huge amount of motivation has been taken away also. Vergne isn’t hugely experienced and I think that with a few good finishes, Kvyat could finish ahead.

    Wiliams – I think it’ll be quite close but Massa will outscore Bottas. Massa has shown what he can do when he’s allowed to but was often got very dispondant and slow when asked to support Alonso. Hopefully he’ll be back on top form for Williams and if so, will beat Bottas fairly comfortably.

    Caterham – Kobayashi to beat Ericsson with ease.

    Marussia – Bianchi to beat Chilton with ease. I’d expect Chilton to have closed the gap on Bianchi compared to last year but I still think he’ll be a reasonable bit off his pace.




    Fingers crossed the Toro Rosso will get an update this year! It’s such a cool livery but it look so old and tired now…



    @atticus-2 – Totally agree. Numbers have been competely pointless for a few years now. They might as well have got rid of them as no-one knew what anyone’s number was and al the computerised systems used are just as capable of saying “HAM” as they are saying “Car 10” which Hamilton apparently was last year.

    Changing the numbers to something the driver will embrace and use to promote themselves is a great idea though.

    I’m surprised by the picks so far though. Frankly, as they’ve all gone for lowish numbers, they aren’t really that memorable compared to the high ones. You’re not going to stand out with number 12 however, in a marketing sense, everyone will remember who 99 is. I’m surprised more haven’t gone for that. As an example, without looking at back at the current list, I bet you remember who 77 is but at least have to think about who picked 8.



    Mclaren – Hakkinen & Hamilton

    Ferrari – Schumacher & Senna

    Renault – Alonso & Kubica

    Williams – Button & N Mansell

    Super Aguri – Sato & Kobiyashi

    Red Bull – Vettel & Montoya

    Jordan – Raikkonen & Fisichella

    Sauber – Prost & Alesi

    Tyrrell – Brundle & Blundell

    Lotus – Massa & Glock

    Force India – Sutil & Di Resta

    Minardi – Fisichella & Franchitti

    Lola – Barichello & Irvine

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