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    As far as I am aware with the Xbox 360, you are limited to basically two types of wheel. The official Xbox360 Wireless Racing Wheel, which I have, or certain wheels by a company called Fanatec –

    In my opinion the Microsoft wheel is somewhat affordable, whereas the Fanatec wheels are quite expensive. I’ve never used a Fanatec wheel; I tried to buy one last year, but living in Australia that insisted that I had to buy through a local distributor, who coincidently wanted to charge me about double the price of what Fanatec sell the wheel directly to Europeans and Americans for. Needless to say I didn’t buy the wheel. I find the Microsoft wheel offers a good enough experience.

    From reviews and what not it seems the main advantage of the Fanatec wheels are that some models are compatible with Xbox, PS3 and PC, and the pedals are lot better, and include a clutch.


    My setup is a Xbox wireless racing wheel (by wireless they mean no wires to the console, there are still wires for power, and between the wheel and pedals), mounted to a homemade stand, which I pull up to the couch. It isn’t perfect, but it’s okay.

    The homemade stand is made from MDF, bolted to steel legs from a Table Mate II Tray which was about $20 –

    The pedals are zip tied to the MDF base, and the wheel is mounted using the clamp that came with the wheel.

    All up including the MDF, screws, hardware and the Table Mate II Tray it was probably about $50 to put together.

    Here is a picture –

    BTW I only use it with an Xbox360. One day I plan to upgrade to Fanatec Wheel and Pedal combo, and a better stand.


    Funnily enough just yesterday I finished reading a book called Formula 1 Fanatic, by Koen Vergeer, that I picked up at an ex library book sale. Fantastic book, really enjoyed it. Different from your typical motor racing book, as it’s written by a fan, rather than a driver, or insider to the world of F1. He writes about his memories of Formula 1 – the classic races, the tragedies, the triumphs, and what it all means to him. I really recommend it.

    Here’s a link to it on Amazon:


    The 107% rule is silly in the current climate, where the number of teams are limited. All it would achieve is the killing off of the new teams. If the races were open to all comers, than yes the 107% rule would make more sense, but it would still be silly as it could just be limited to the top 30 qualifiers or whatever the maximum number of cars that could safely fit on a circuit, for which the FIA have an equation for.


    I think the Sauber car would like sweet like so:

    All Telmex blue with a white Telmex logo, and the black Telmex text, over sized so that it was really large on the car. All the smaller sponsors logos should also be in white on the Telmex blue background.


    Let’s be honest, AFL will trump F1 in schedules every single time because that is the nation’s biggest national sport. It’s not ideal for us, but I can completely understand it.

    There is absolutely no reason why Network 10 could not broadcast both AFL and F1 at the same time. They managed to broadcast both the World Cycling Championships, and the Moto GP at the same time last weekend.


    To me wouldn’t a majority of the next generation come from today’s reserve drivers? Does anyone have a comprehensive list of the reserve drivers this year?

    Regarding, are they up to standard question. Well they aren’t all going to get the sort results Hamilton achieved in his debut year, but then again not that many rookies get thrown in to a leading teams car.

    I personally would like to Daniel Ricciardo in F1.


    More annoying than the three stooges is the delayed telecast of qualifying. I don’t know if it happens in every state or city in Australia, but in Brisbane it’s a real problem. Network Ten broadcast the AFL on Channel 10, One HD, and One, dedicating three seperate channels to one boring as program. After the match their football commentators yabber on analysing the boring match, meaning the telecast of F1 qualifying is delayed (sometimes by half an hour, sometimes by an hour and a half), making live timing completely useless.

    Anyway I wrote a letter to Network 10 earlier in the year, suggesting things they could do keep both AFL fans, and F1 fans happy. For instance I suggested they could show the AFL on 10, and then the F1 on One, or vice versa, or maybe even they could get with the times, and do live streaming like the BBC do in the UK, and Speed do in the US. I received a response from the head of programming (I think), basically ignoring any suggestions, and saying they were doing the best they can, which they quite obiviously aren’t.

    As for the three stooges, for the F1 I don’t mind Craig Braid, but can’t stand Darryl Beattie. For the Moto GP I don’t mind Darryl Beattie but can’t stand Craig Baird.


    Is Toro Rosso a fully self contained team, or do they still rely largely on Red Bull. I know Toro Rosso drivers use the Red Bull simulators, and they share Daniel Ricciardo as reserve driver, but is that as far as the links extend? Do Toro Rosso have the in house ability to fully design and build a car, and run a team without assistance from Red Bull?

    If not, I imagine it would be a fairly had thing to try and sell, especially if Sauber is also on the market. Who wants a partial F1 team?


    It would be interesting to see how the F1 Fanatic readership statistics compare to the percentage of viewers by country that watch the race broadcast on television (not that I imagine that information is easily obtainable).

    Do the stats also include people who read the articles by RSS or is it only for direct visits to the site?

    I imagine there would be lots of return visits. F1 Fanatic is easily the most comprehensive Formula 1 site I’ve come across.


    I have the Xbox version playing with the Microsoft Wheel and Pedals, I’m doing the 7 year career, signed with Lotus. Full distance though, with all the assists turned off, and it’s pretty tricky. So far I’ve only done Practice 1 and 2 at Bahrain. Lots of spinning off. So far I think I’ve been able to put two or three good laps together before screwing up again. In Practice 2 I was able to set a 2:03 lap time, which put me in 19th position, which I’m pretty happy about. I’ve also had a go in time trial mode on Bahrain in a Red Bull and it’s heaps quicker than the Lotus, also had a go at Singapore, it’s a tricky track. It’s going to take a long time to get used to. I find the game frustratingly addictive.


    I think the comments are great, they keep me distracted at work most days so that’s a good thing. I get alerted of all the new comments via email. One thing that would be awesome if actually possible is a different type of email that alerts you when someone responds to your earlier comment. That way it would be easy to keep track of what other people think of your comment, whether they agree / disagree or whatever. I think it would further add to the value of the already valuable comments.

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