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    Here’s my attempt:

    Albert Park – Exclamation
    Sepang International – Thunder
    Shanghai International – Hypocrisy
    Bahrain International – Protest
    Circuit de Catalunya – Atmosphere
    Monte-Carlo – Barriers
    Montreal – Chicanes
    Valencia – Shame
    Silverstone – Spitfire
    Hockenheimring – Orders
    Hungaroring – Desire
    Spa-Franchorchamps – Awe
    Monza – Red
    Marina Bay – Electricity
    Suzuka – Passion
    Korean International – Failure
    Buddh International – Disappointment
    Yas Marina – Overblown
    Circuit of the Americas – Birthday
    Interlagos – Reference



    Hi, i’m running on Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 (gingerbread) with both Opera Mobile and standard Android browser.

    For some reason the site doesn’t load on Opera, it loads properly and then the browser tries to zoom in a bit and the whole content apart from the top menu with logo disappears and the site stops loading with progress bar stuck near the end.

    The issue doesn’t appear on standard browser so i use this one instead. I use full version of the site by the way, not the mobile one.

    If you need any details on the issue feel free to write what is needed.



    My other craze is technology, gadgets, product and graphic design. I’m in a process of starting a new startup company and i devote a lot of my spare time in learning about typography, readability and ergonomics. I try to combine my hobby with my work.

    Having that kind of interests i tend to look at every product, website i’m on from the design point of view to figure out how was it made to look and work as it is, and F1Fanatic is my main site of interest at the moment. :) I challenge myself how to make it look truly beautiful for the eye and superbly ergonomic at the same time, making photoshop mockups of various elements of the site as a way of training myself.



    @ming mong

    I don’t suggest that he did, but there as well could be different problem with this upgrade that we’re not aware of, which made them abandon it.

    I just struggle with the notion that it’s conspiracy just to hamper Webber’s performance. IF they had option to run it or not and chose not to just to avoid giving advantage to Webber it would be as you say pathetic. But i will say again – giving it to Webber also helps Vettel in the long shot, they would gather data by testing it and prepare tweaked version for Vettel for Spain.

    As for bringing upgrade for only one car – there’s ample example that the teams just may not have enough time to prepare upgrades for both cars before the race weekend, most teams did this in the past, and rear upgrade isn’t a small one.

    One more thing – Webber was reasonably happy after the race, do You think he would be if he knew that the upgrade that could provide him with race win was laying around unused in the garage?

    Don’t put bad will as an explanation when there could be other, simplier reasons.



    @ming mong

    I think you’re trying too much to support your preconcieved idea of RBR evilness. Vettel currently has too much of an upper hand over Webber that even if he’d won over Seb in that race it wouldn’t make much difference in the championship.

    Very unlikely that Newey would disregard finished upgrade just to avoid Webber from catching Vettel. Don’t forget there’s also Constructors Championship which is as important for the team as Drivers Championship, and it will only help them to boost Webber’s performance.

    Also, testing the upgrade would give them essential data for the next races and we know how important it is to take every opportunity to test theese days.



    Here’s my three:

    Brundle: “I’m so sorry but i have no idea what is going on on the track”

    “The worst kept secret in F1 Paddock has just been confirmed, Fernando Alonso has signed a five year contract with HRT and will race alongside Lewis Hamilton till 2017”

    “Pastor Maldonado, the professor”



    I’m in Poland, and em… unfortunately no movie release is available anywhere yet, either in stores or on auctions so i wasn’t able to get my copy, so i had to get one from the internet. I’m eagerly awaiting for the movie to be released here.

    As for the version that i have, it’s 2:47:02 long, it’s the extended one i think.



    My very first memory of F1 was when Schumacher and Villeneuve crashed at Jerez, i was 10 at the time and i was just skipping through the channels with vaque interest. I remember i felt happy to see the outcome simply because Schumacher was already well established name in F1 so i didn’t want him to win (well, i was a kid then).

    Then when Robert Kubica started his F1 carreer i watched some races, but my strong interest in F1 begun with interview with Jenson Button on Top Gear in 2008 i think, he struck me as a profoundly motivated and honest person, and then in 2009 on Top Gear website after 2009 Australian GP i read the headline of the article “Over the Button Moon” after his win. A win for a new team without any sponsors on it, which was even better. I was extatic, and i watched every F1 race ever since.



    Ok i’ve done some digging myself.

    There’s one more desirable novelty to be had which i forgot to mention – fuel injected exhausts. Renaults and Red Bulls are said to be having it, it uses 10% more fuel during the race to inject it straight into exhausts to provide better gas flow on the braking before the corners when the engine revs drop for more energized airflow feeding the diffuser when it is most needed.

    So this theoretical car would most likely have to have the Renault engine. That leaves us with three probable candidates – Red Bulls, Lotus Renaults and Lotus Caterhams (this is so awkward it’s funny). I’d personally like to see one of the Lotuses following this path, teams aspiring to bear such a legacy are bound to follow radical design routes to stay in front, or at least fail with style.

    As for flexing front wings, it seems that this solution requires very sophisticated combination of Finite Element Analysis and CFD to simulate material deformations under increasing load, and further develop the wing to work better when it’s bent. I can only imagine how much research and learning is required for this solution to come to life and to be reliable, no one would want to see snapping front wing when the car is charging at top speed, wheel to wheel.

    Given the challenges and alterations required for homologated chassis we could see it only in 2012, also the balance regulations will be less strict which would allow to implement all this solutions into one car. It could be the last opportunity before 2013 regulations change, the swan song of the high downforce era.

    Small personal note here – Mike Gascoyne, if You are reading this and think that actually it may be worth exploring, i’m available for the job. I sadly can’t provide any technical expertise, but some modest job like Ambassador for Lotus Caterham in Poland would be nice. Or just a nice, green Caterham Seven when You will win the 2012 constructor’s championship.



    Ned: I’m here to help, at least with Robert’s interviews. I am practicing very hard to master my Enlish language, i am aware that i’m still making mistakes, but the ability to listen to English broadcasts without subtitles opens up a huge spectrum of great shows to watch. For starters, the superb BBC F1 coverage, i watch every F1 race with wolrd feed in HD from TV on mute and live streamed BBC One audio coverage from PC. The sound is a bit off but being able to listen to Martin and David’s commentary makes up for it instead of rubbish Polish comentators.

    Also, shows like QI (insanely tough to follow for foreigners but purely awesome), all of David Attenborough’s documentaries, Christopher Hitchens debates and the lot helps to learn to fully appreciate the language. You Brits have no idea how lucky you are with shows to watch on TV, and the stuff on the Internet (like F1F articles and “The Flying Lap” for example).

    I’d love the opportunity to catch up with you guys someday and have a simple chat before the race at Silverstone.



    Ned, how i wish i’d put it as simply as you in the first place.

    Driver stability. With 4 established pairings running for 2 more years (at least) it will be such a fierce competition. Has it ever occured in history of F1? We’ve had great years-long battles between two drivers, how about four? Or five?

    Assuming that no one comes up with a exhaust-blown quadruple pull-rod flex duct f-wing (again) and dominates whole season, that would be boring.




    This one is absolutely awesome in my opinion. I’ve actually made it my new wallpaper.

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