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    My opinion on the matter is that I think he is very talented. Why? in Spa in 2011 in the rain he looked great and he looked great in the rain in Malaysia. Rain separates the goods from the greats and he was lapping as fast as the front runners. He made some good clean overtakes and imagine he had not had to work from the back; he could have been on the podium. I think that he has had a rough time and his confidence has been hurt in his F1 career so far and when that happens it is tough to recover. People doubt him, call him a pay driver, say he is using his uncle’s name and then he has the pressure of being a Brazilian and being the nephew of Ayrton. Not only that but his team give his free practice session to the reserve driver and that sends a negative and unsupportive message. Who has it that tough? Look his dry pace needs work but I think that is a question again of time and confidence. He is attacking more and getting more aggressive behind the wheel which is good and now he has had a taste for 6th position he will want to be up there. I think that a lot of drivers in F1 already have fine tuned their driving art by the time they get to F1 and therefore you do not see a lot more from them but Bruno is actually improving and learning race by race and that is interesting to watch. People just assume that you land in an F1 car and if you are good you will win from day one but that is simply not true. People kart for years and work there way up the formulas and when they land in F1 they have that pedigree. His dad dies two years after Ayrton – his Grandfather would not speak to him when he took up motor racing and his Uncle died. Give the man a break! I would love to see him shut the critics up. His story could be a heroes one!

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