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    Thank you for the explanation, Keith. Shows that you’re a professional.

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    As for highlights, Austrian television had their two commentators talking about the accident first and then a cut version of the race after sutils accident (just the normal race footage). they talked about the driver safety, since alex wurz is the chairman of the gpda since two days (and he’s a commentator). the rest of the race they didn’t even show, just that last bit, but i’m not sure wether it was supposed to be highlights of the race or an unscheduled information for the f1 viewers. it lasted 15 minutes i think.

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    good. spices up the championship a bit.

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    i’d ask chilton if his cheque for belgium was big enough to secure his seat for the rest of the season.

    magnussen on his future at mclaren.

    hamilton and rosberg if they’re still friends.

    bottas on how big his chances for winning in monza are.

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    what a race that was. never would’ve thought evans could get that win, i already thought it was gonna be vandoorne or palmer, but evans prved me wrong. great drive and well deserved. glad to see him doing so well. such a shame about pic and marciello and also daly. especially daly. he always gets one hell of a start but it just doesn’t come together for him. if you look where berthon ended up, daly could’ve easily got there aswell, as he was side-by-side with him before he got hit by that idiot canamasas. i know i sound like a biased fanboy, and i will admit that he is one of my favourite young drivers at the moment (if you’ve seen the second gp3 race at monza last year you know why i’m a fan) but it’s so terrible to see an exciting prospect do so bad. being at lazarus doesn’t help and i hope he can do what evans did and get to a better team next year.

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    oh god, why lancaster? why not other talented people? lancaster is just another one of those experienced gp2 drivers, whose single-seater career should’ve been finshed by now. hopefully it’s only for the british grand prix, because it’s his home race.

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    ellinas is probably the best bet. i’d hope for dalys sake that he’d move up, but i think he’s staying with lazarus for now, as he spent the two weeks between austria and silverstone in italy with the team. martsenko could also be possible, or perhaps one of their other gp3 drivers like mason for example.

    btw, don’t think i’ll be missing regalia too much. he didn’t do anything outstanding really.

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    right, i’ll just go through every driver.

    evans – adopted pretty well from a not so good start to gp2. needs more time, and has it, as he’s still young.
    markelov – promising in german f3, but pretty useless so far in gp2.
    nasr – definately ready for f1. hopefully he’ll replace massa next year.
    leal – so far had a good season, but made a silly mistake in monaco. not sure what to make of him.
    marciello – looked rubbish before austria, we’ll have to wait and see if it was just a one-off result or the start of a better performance.
    coletti – after last year, looked like he was just cracking under pressure from leading the championship. but has too much experience, gonna be difficult to step up from gp2.
    palmer – one of the rich kids whose families pay for their drive. could be another chilton in the making but i don’t rate him very highly, seeing as he has a lot of experience which gives him an advantage.
    richelmi – not what you’d call f1 material, same boat as palmer but less sucessful.
    izawa – don’t know what to make of him. never expected him to finish in the points in austria but he was there all of the sudden. he’s much too old for any f1 future though.
    vandoorne – a bit inconsistent, but all in all very good driver. hopefully buttons replacement when he retires.
    abt – possibly the most overrated driver of the whole grid. really not impressed in any way by him. there’s the door to formula e over there, mate.
    regalia – needs more time to adapt but still seems lost in gp2.
    quaife-hobbs – looked good last year but not really this year. possibly his car that’s slowing him down.
    trummer – got a podium due to tyre strategy in bahrain but didn’t look like he’s gonna repeat it anytime soon.
    binder – not a very good driver. looked good in bahrain, but after that he was terrible, especially monaco.
    negrao – similar to his team mate. no promising talent has been spotted yet.
    haryanto – bad start to the season, mostly due to bad luck. good performance and a well-earned podium finish in monaco.
    rossi – very unlucky, just like like his team mate but looked better in austria. disappointed with him so far but the season is still long.
    de jong – usually at the back. can’t do better i’m afraid.
    ellinas – good performances from him so far, but needs to step his game up if he wants to keep that seat.
    canamasas – impressive start to his campaign. but still i don’t rate him highly. he was rubbish at caterham.
    cecotto – showed lots of maturity this season. but he’s got too much experience. not sure if any f1 teams are looking into him.
    berthon – never showed much pace, both in race and quali.
    daly – i’m a big fan of this guy. but unfortunately he’s got quite a dog of a car. did manage to overtake a lot of other cars in races though. once he fixes qualifying he’s on for better results, i’m sure of it. i hope a better team picks him up for the next season, or maybe even mid-season.
    pic – very very consistent. might do it like his brother and get to f1.
    sato – not really all that impressive.

    people who aren’t acing at the moment
    dillman – good. shame he couldn’t get a seat.
    lancaster – he should stick to endurance racing.
    jeffries – haven’t seen enough to rate him honestly.

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    please no palmer in f1. don’t know why but i dislike him massively.

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    i guess it’s going to be palmer again. i hope i’m wrong though.

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    good solution, it will be interesting to see wether it works or not.

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    i can handle the logistics! i’ve been working in logistics for 4 years now!

    i live in one of the worlds richest countries, so i can contribute a bit of money, too!

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    correction, only daly is confirmed for the whole season. the other two are just confirmed for barcelona.

    also, tom dillman will take over for negrao at this weekend. negrao has a back injury and is still recovering at the moment. he will most likely return to his seat at arden international after he’s recovered.

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    So the final line-up for barcelona is here!

    We have 18 different nations competing in this series. only 3 nations field more than one driver, these are switzerland (3 drivers), great britain (7!!) and russia (2)

    ART Grand Prix
    1 – Alex Fontana
    2 – Marvin Kirchhofer
    3 – Dino Zamparelli

    Arden International
    4 – Robert Visoiu
    5 – Patric Niederhauser
    6 – Jann Mardenborough

    Koiranen GP
    7 – Carmen Jorda
    8 – Jimmy Eriksson
    9 – Santiago Urrutia

    10 – Alex Lynn
    11 – Emil Bernstorff
    12 – Luis Sa Silva

    Marussia Manor Racing
    14 – Patrick Kujala
    15 – Ryan Cullen
    16 – Dean Stoneman

    Hilmer Motorsport
    17 – Ivan Taranov
    18 – Nelson Mason
    19 – Beitske Visser

    Jenzer Motorsport
    20 – Pal Varhaug
    21 – Matheo Tuscher
    22 – Adderly Fong

    23 – Victor Carbone
    24 – Roman De Beer
    25 – Denis Nagulin

    Status Grand Prix
    26 – Nick Yelloly
    27 – Richie Stanaway
    28 – Alfonso Celis Jr

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    1. What country are you in (and state, if applicable) Switzerland
    2. Which channels broadcast F1 near you? SRF2 (Swiss), RTL (German), ORF eins (Austria, recommended)
    3. Do they show all the races live or only a limited number (if so, how many?) Every race live
    4. Do they also show qualifying live? Yes
    5. Do they also show practice sessions live? SRF2 none at all, RTL only FP3 highlights, ORF eins FP2 live
    6. If they are a subscription channel, what does a full year’s subscription cost (excluding limited time offers)? Free to watch
    7. Do they broadcast coverage online? If so please post link/s Unlikely
    8. Please supply any other relevant information such as alternative viewing options There should be enough listed here already

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