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    Hi all. I’ll hopefully be going to the 2012 Grand Prix – I believe tickets go on sale imminently! I think our most likely option is to go for the Bay grandstand. Does anybody (maybe Pink Peril?) know which areas give the best views, or which areas to avoid? From the grandstand plan on the website it looks like high up in the green areas might be the good, as there’s an outside chance of seeing over the back of the stand towards turn 20? However I’m not sure if there will also be good views of a TV from this area (it’s hard to tell from the YouTube videos!) or whether you would get a better view from being near the front of the stand?

    Also, does anybody know if it’s possible to go on the Singapore Flyer without a Zone 1 grandstand/premier walkabout ticket? I know it’s free with these tickets, but didn’t know if we could buy tickets to it separately during the weekend?

    Apologies for all the questions, thanks in advance!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)