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    2006 Hungarian Grand Prix, Jenson Button’s first win, and yet it is strange that I’m a Hamilton fan. After that race I tuned in to one or two races of that year, I paticulary remember Brazil and MS’ exit. However it was Australia 2007 that I became an avid fan, I remember thinking that whoever impressed me most that race I would support them. After the first corner there could only be one choice, Hamilton, he did Alonso round the outside and took Kubica too. During that season my hate of Alonso and the way he treated McLaren made me want the team and Lewis to win even more. My favourite race so far has to be Spa 2008, as me and my sister were screaming at the TV (she’s a Kimi fan), followed closely by Brazil 2008. Since all of this I havn’t missed a race since…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)