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    So, sutil and paul it is. And with Nico as the firday/reserve driver. Hopefully, they wont take a huge step back after loosing too many key personals. But 2012 looks to be a golden year for them. hink about it- does’nt Force India’s 2012 line up look formidable? Yes. I said 2012. Stuil has a 1 year contract, and I am guessing, if all goes to plan, Paul and Nico will be the main drivers of forceindia in 2012.

    Especially, after the Indian grand prix in 2011, more sponsers will come in, and FI will have a larger operating budget for 2012. Larger budget = Better skilled professionals and engineers = Better Car!!!… Looks like FI is gonna be the new RedBull in the future.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)