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    • Hi All,

      I am surprising my boyfriend with tickets to the Monaco Gran Prix in 2013 for his 30th Birthday as he is a mad fan but only ever watches it from our couch on the weekends. I am prepared to pay for tickets in Grandstand K as it appears from this forum to be the best seats for the Sunday. I have been looking at the website to buy tickets and there are no longer any high seats available in K1-K2 high. Is it better to buy the low seats in K1 (front section Seat D 3 & D 4) K2 (middle section Seat J 26 & J 27) or try and get higher in K3-K4. I would like to be in seats where you can see the F1 cars come out of the tunnel and around the corner/swimming pool. The highest seat available in K3 is Row 0 Seat 9 & 10 and in k4 the highest available is ZB 1 & ZB 2.

      how far up do you have to be in K1-K2 to see the exit from the tunnel and is it possible to see the exit from K3-K4? If so, does any one know how high you need to be in K3-K4?

      I’d appreciate any help or advise from any fans that have been before or first timers to Monaco.

      I am not going to buy tickets to the Saturday beforehand – is it easy to get grandstand tickets or hospitality packages last minute on the day? If so, does any one have any advise of the best way to buy last minute tickets?

      Thanks so much for your help, I really want to buy the best tix for my boyfriend!