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    Had a great time at the 2012 race, it was our first ever F1 visit.

    A few tips for next year.

    1) Pointy Ended Umbrellas – Even though we bought an official F1 umbrella in the circuit on the Friday, on Saturday, we were told we couldn’t take it in, I did get it in though up my trouser leg and in to my arm pit :)

    2) Hire a scooter – it made life so much easier, we stayed in Budapest in a hotel, and just getting on the scooter and going to the track was so easy, apparently a Full UK car licence is enough to have pillion passengers, the scooter was a 200cc capable of 75mph and was £65 for 4 days hire, with a £150 deposit.

    3) Buy General Admission – there are so many viewpoints around the track, its kinda pointless to buy a stand ticket, on Practice and Qualifying, we stayed around the pit straight, but on race day, we moved to the back of the circuit, it was so much better

    4) Buy the official F1 2013 iPhone App – when available, it was great to glance at to see timings etc, even from a field I knew that if Hamilton / Raikkonen / Grojean had pitted again any time after lap 54, then Vettel would have caught them with lap times he was putting in.

    5) Scale of Circuit – I hadn’t grasped how big the area of the circuit covered, prior to my visit, anyway, here’s a panoramic photo so others get some idea of how large the site is.

    Hope that helps


    Getting really exited now, our flight is in the morning from Stansted, anyone else on the same flight?



    @jane Smith many thanks, I am sure it will be great fun.

    Have just booked a Scooter too for transportation!! first time in a while since I have been on one.


    Many thanks seems obvious now you posted :)

    Its the noise and atmosphere I am looking forward to


    This is mine and the girlfriends first ever Grand Prix, we fly out on Thursday from Stansted and come back on Tuesday.

    I only bought GA tickets, iif I am honest, I am expecting disappointment when it comes to keeping track of the race, so would sooner go expecting to just absorb the atmosphere and being around the F1 circus.

    Can I ask about What time to get there? is the F1 race the only event? or do other cars race also?

    If your at stansted on Thursday then say hi to a big balding bloke with glasses and a red McLaren hat :)


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)