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    Despite the off-topic of the bump just thought I’d take the opportunity to update on what racing game(s) I’m playing. Assetto Corsa was a big one, discovered it late last year. The Ferrari 458’s at Spa is my favourite combination because it uses stock + no DLC cars/tracks it’s always easy to get a multiplayer game going for it too.

    Besides that AC also offers so many car+track combinations, including mods (my favourite mods are the future concept F1 Ferrari and Red Bull cars) and DLC (the Nurburgring DLC is sublime, just a touch short of iRacings, but still amazing), not quite as many as original rFactor but still a lot. Also the Red Pack DLC with Ferrari SF15-T & RedBull Ring is about to be released. Can’t wait for that.

    Besides Assetto Corsa, the other game I’ve really been into is rFactor 2. Specifically the FVR V8SUPERCARS mod which has so much attention to detail it’s pretty awesome.

    Other than that it’s been some occasional F1 2015 just with a controller to keep in touch with + enjoy the tracks. Can’t really get invested in it without a proper career mode. A bit of Rocket League (if that counts as a racing game, no not really) and learning a bit about the 2 wheelers with Valentino Rossi The Game. Which deserves a post of its own with its unique crossbreed of arcade drifting, dirt bikes, psuedo rally stages and of course the motoGP “blink and you’ve not only missed the apex but are hurtling across gravel” brand of high speed ridiculousness.



    Hey there, did some digging around /r/simracing (a great subreddit for these kind of questions)

    It seems the T150 is getting some good praise lately, if I had to choose between the two for value this would be my choice.

    “It comes with the wheel and pedals, with the option to add a Thrustmaster shifter or upgrade to the nicer Thrustmaster pedals. 1080 degrees rotation and “hybrid” belt / gear drive.”

    “Got this last week, so far so good. For my first FFB wheel, it has done well mounted on a Playseat Evolution. My only gripe is I find the wheel too small for rallying at 1080 degrees. It might be better for an open wheel sim where you can achieve lock to lock in 330 degrees.”

    “The pedals leave a bit to be desired, but they get the job done. The wheel is awesome! I’ve been playing Project Cars and American Truck Simulator all day and its been a total joy on both games. I highly recommend it for those who are new and on a budget.”
    +3 months later
    “Its been great!
    I have yet to run into any issues with the wheel itself, though I feel I should warn you that if you’re on carpet, the pedals don’t have carpet spikes. So, you’ll need to have something weighty either behind them or holding down the front. Otherwise, they will tip backwards when you hit the brake pedal.
    As for getting a shifter, you can, but it’s expensive. The only one I know of that’s compatible is the TH8A.”

    Latest opinions on the G29 while better than the t150 it’s a bit too pricey for what you get and it’s better to take the step up to the much much better t300.

    Logitech have really lost a lot of good will after essentially pumping out the same products for over a decade now with just more buttons on the wheel but no actual engineering improvements (and most recently unbundling the shifter but keeping the same price).

    Personally I’d look for a second hand G27 or G25 even which you can get working on a PS4 via Game Input MultipleXer software. I went for a second hand g25 myself only as of ~6 months ago (decided to get it again after having my previous one for many years) it took a bit of searching through second hand sites but could pick it up for less than $100.

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