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    Prior to the introduction of refueling in 1994 it wasn’t uncommon for drivers to go the whole race without stopping at all so Rosberg doing 53 laps isn’t a record.

    It is however the most laps done on a set of post-2010 Pirelli tyres over an official race weekend.



    For whatever reason I just never really got into that race, Even when there was some good racing/overtaking going on.

    I think perhaps a part of the reason was that everything just felt slow & seemed to take forever. The formation lap was so slow it seemed to take about half hour, The pit stops seemed to take an age & the overall sense of speed while the cars were on track was lacking as was the excitement of actually watching the cars been driven.

    The music was really annoying, Exactly the kind of DJ/Club music which I can’t stand which made it worse.
    Coverage wise it was good, There was a bit too much going on with the telemetry graphic but the actual world-feed coverage was OK. The ITV Pre/Post race stuff however was dreadful.

    It was also disappointing that they have 4 live OnBoard feeds available on there official tablet/mobile app which are only available in the US.
    Was equally disappointing that the OnBoards were not used a great deal on world-feed & that only 3-4 cars seemed to carry one, I also missed having Team Radio played out in some way.

    On the whole there wasn’t really anything that got me excited about the series or which makes me look forward to the rest so I can’t see myself becoming a fan of it or continuing to follow it regularly.
    Compared to other recent upstarts (GP2/A1GP/Superleague Formula for instance) I got really excited about those series from watching the initial races & became fans of those series, So far as I say there’s nothing to keep me hooked on Formula E.

    I may watch the next race just to see them on a different circuit but I certainly won’t be getting up to watch it live.



    Regarding the catch fencing, Not much can really be done, Its been improved several times over the years, made stronger & higher with the top’s angled to try & defect debris back down towards the track.
    However when you have a race car go into it at 150+mph there isn’t a lot you can do to ensure the fence remains in-tact & I actually think the fence held up about as well as you could expect.

    Been an Indycar fan I know that they looked at alternatives to catch fencing after Davey Hamilton’s crash at Texas in 2001 & Kenny Bracks accident at the same track in 2003. They looked at plexiglass & different constructions of the existing fencing & were never able to find anything better.
    The plexiglass caused difficulties in terms of fans behind it been able to see through it & also generated glare from the sun which would have caused problems for both fans & drivers.



    About time they looked at doing away with the pack racing, There may be fans out there who love it but I’ve heard many comments from drivers over the years which suggests that none of them do.

    When you have a situation where you have 30+ cars all stuck in a big pack running side-by-side at 200mph, Your just waiting for the crash to happen & it always does because if someone at the front makes a mistake then everyone behind is left with nowhere to go. Also with all this bump drafting & 2-car tandem drafts your just making it more likely to happen as your encouraging drivers to make contact to push one another.



    Going back to if Red Bull Media House have done the deal or not, There logo appeared at the end of the official WRC preview program that was broadcast last night & everyone related to the WRC are acting as there the promoter so regardless of if anything has been signed it seems they are the official promoters of the series now.

    While there is still no TV deal in the UK, HBS are producing an event preview show, Daily highlights & an event review for every round. These are been broadcast elsewhere around the world & if you know where to look will likely be able to find them online for download.

    Just hope a UK TV deal is sorted out soon!



    Red Bull have already signed the deal to become promoter a few months back:

    They also signed HBS for the TV production last month.

    Regarding who’s showing it on TV, MotorsTV are said to be the only people interested so it will likely continue to be shown there.



    Just one point to make regarding tyres.
    While I do dislike the way the tyres worked this year, Im not advocating a return of the super durable tyres we saw from Bridgestone in 2010.

    What I would like to see is one of 2 things.
    Either give them a larger operating window with drivers/teams able to have a better feel for when the tyres will really start to degrade.

    Or go back to what we had pre-refueling, bring all the compounds to every race, Have each compound degrade at different rates & have different performance & let teams/drivers run whatever compounds they want & whatever strategy they want with no mandatory stops & there able to switch compounds through the race.

    Have it so the super-soft’s are super fast but only last 20-25% of the race, The soft’s are slightly slower & last 30-40% the race, The mediums are slower still & can go at least half distance with the hard’s been the slowest but with the ability to last the entire race.

    Last time we had tyre regs like that we had better racing with teams/drivers having far more options to get the best out there car performance & the race tyre strategies were far more varied & produced some interesting results.



    I often hear people say that when talking about DRS been available to everyone, everywhere to both attack & defend. That it woudl make DRS pointless & it would simply cancel itself out.
    However look at other series which run things like ‘push to pass’ (Indycar, A1GP, Formula Nippon, World Series By Renault + more) you see that been able to use it everywhere to attack/defend enhances the racing far more than DRS does & brings in a real element of driver strategy regarding how you use it.

    If DRS could be used everywhere to both attack & defend yet had a limit of say 20 uses or 90 seconds (Similar to how P2P works) then it would be a lot more interesting & I’d actually be a lot less against it.
    You could see drivers using up there DRS use early in races to move forward or see drivers saving it for later on. Maybe the defending driver uses it on one straight while the attacking driver tries using it elsewhere. You would also see situations where the attacking driver uses DRS & forces the defending driver to then use it in defense which could actually see DRS provide some good racing into the corner.

    There were/are better ways of using DRS, In fact there are better ways of improving the racing without having artificial & gimmickey rules (With gaps, activation points etc….). KERS could be used as a P2P system, Instead of 6.6secs a lap they could have 90 seconds for the race. They could have a rev-increase for 90 seconds a race.

    We have turbo engine’s coming in for 2014 & that is a great opportunity to drop DRS by introducing a turbo boost increase for 90 seconds a race, Thats how Champcar & now Indycar runs P2P & it worked in CC & now again works brilliantly in Indycar.



    I think Jaime shows whats wrong with the Red Bull driver program.

    Your thrown into an F1 race seat, In Jaime’s case before he was ready. Given x amount of time to impress in STR & even if you do well enough to show your good enough for F1 (Which I believe he did) your then moved aside, losing all your backing which then makes it hard for you to land a ride in another F1 team or a team in another series.

    Algersuari struggled in late 2009 due to a lack of F1 experienced, Had a decent rookie season in 2010 & showed a lot of improvement through 2011 & Many in the F1 paddock/Media praised him through 2011.

    He may not have been “The next Vettel” but he was certainly more than good enough to deserve a seat in F1 & to have retained his seat at STR.



    Im probably in the minority that doesn’t think 2012 was really that great.

    For me there was something unsatisfying about all the Pirelli led crazyness early on & also all the DRS passes that were going on.
    Watching drivers drop backwards like a stone because the tyres weren’t working or watching one driver totally helpless to do anything about a DRS pass to me is really boring & unexciting to watch & did nothing but hurt my enjoyment of the races.

    The thing that got me hooked on MotorSport way back in 1989 & the thing that kept me hooked was the racing, I love watching 2 (or more) drivers pushing each other hard, One doing everything to try & pass while the car ahead does everything to try & keep them behind. I love that sort of close, hard fought racing & I love seeing exciting overtaking.
    Overtaking moves where the car behind has to try something different to pull the overtake off is so much more exciting & satisfying to watch than drivers easily driving by because he’s got DRS or because his tyres are in better condition.

    Im going into 2013 seriously wondering if I will continue watching every F1 session & every F1 race, Just 2-3 years ago that thought even entering my head seemed totally impossible.
    I love F1, Have done since I 1st saw an F1 race (Imola 1989) but all this more artificial stuff coming in is really starting to put me off & really having a negative impact on my love for the series.



    but Karun Chandhok was able to finish in fourteenth place in two races, securing 11th place in the WCC.

    True, Its also true that Bruno was ahead of Karun in both of those races untill his car failed.

    Its also true that Bruno was the only HRT driver in 2010 to qualify ahead of one of the other 2 new teams, Twice.



    I don’t think you can just look at finishing results when rating Bruno as there were a few races where he got a much lower place than his actual performance during the race would have got him.

    At Spa a lot was made of his qualifying position & turn 1 accident, However after he pitted for a new nose his race pace was actually fairly strong when compared to Petrov.

    When he scored points at Monza its often overlooked that he was last at the end of lap 1 having driven through the gravel avoiding the turn 1 crash & had to pit for a new nose as a precaution due to going through the gravel.

    He was faster than Petrov all weekend at Singapore a track which is one of the most physically demanding circuits on the calender.

    He matched Petrov’s pace all weekend at Suzuka & outqualified Petrov despite having done no qualifying simulation during practice due to his crash.

    From memory he was ahead of Petrov in India when his KERS failed & Got screwed by the team’s strategy at Abu-Dhabi when they pitted him at the end of lap 1 expecting a safety car, Then as he was coming back through the field he had another KERS failure.

    He was also well ahead of Petrov at Brazil untill the incident with Schumacher which I still see as a racing incident undeserving of a penalty, Especially since the penalty was for the initial collision & not for the one which gave Schumi the puncture. Bruno’s pace was then very strong & he had made progress through the field before getting the 2nd penalty for ignoring blue flags.

    Also its worth remembering that he was only 3 tenths of Button’s pace when he had the test with Honda at the end of 2008 & Ross Brawn spoke very highly of Bruno & did say that had Honda not pulled out & had they had more preperation before the start of the 2009 season he would have gone with Bruno rather than retained Barrichello.

    From the Barcelona Test on 20/11/2008:
    5 Jenson Button Honda 1m21.387 94
    8 Bruno Senna Honda 1m21.676 107

    From an earlier test at Barcelona in similar conditions:
    7 Rubens Barrichello, Honda, 1:21.950 sec 122

    Remember Button had a ton more experience in the Honda RA108 & that car round that track while it was Bruno’s 1st ever run in an F1 car.

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