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    Hahahahahh Ichtyes, love it!.

    (Bernie) “because of the recession, I’m willing to drop my price Silverstone”

    (Sutil) “give me a race seat, AND I WONT CUT YOU”

    (Hamilton) “my girlfriends latest album is banging!”


    I’m in London, I’d love to put a face to the avatars.

    Although I warn you guys, I’m certified mental, but i’d try to reign it in a bit.


    I don’t actually use the live blog because of these reason (footnote1), firstly I go way way off topic really easily (as evidence by my comments in articles) and secondly because its merely a regurgitation of the action on screen… which I feel I can discuss the next day in the comments section. The “doesn’t matter how late I am to the party” is a philosophy I apply to most of my life, its why I don’t buy games on launch day (well apart from KillZone 3, but you know, thats KillZone 3 man!)… its also the reason I’ve not proposed to my girlfriend of 9 years :D

    While I understand its upsetting having your comment deleted (its your baby after all) you really need to take a step back Hare and rethink why it was deleted in the first place, did it have any reference to F1 and the action at all?, if you suddenly stated “I LIKE THE BOOK WATER FOR ELEPHANTS” on the live blog I’d question whether your paying attention or maybe your my grandmother.

    You also make a mention of the debate in real life with friends and what not, ermmm I don’t know anyone that discusses films during F1 (apart from my grandmother), in my household and with my friends, anybody that speaks about anything not F1 during a race is very quickly scorned and kicked out for heresy… same applies to the liveblog I guess.

    There has been no change in this respect since last year. Same policy, different system

    Interesting, so I take it this year you have a faster system in place for moderating the liveblog, kudos, live moderation is pretty rough.

    “footnote1” I don’t mean that as in i’m a rebel, I don’t use liveblog because of my super power of off topic tangent chatting ability, I’d rather not give Keith and the mods a headache.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)