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    … you try to seduce a girl by ‘singing’ the sound of a F1 car.


    @McFosi Verstappen ran Le Mans twice, I believe in 2009 with Jeroen Bleekemolen and gentlemandriver Peter van Merksteijn, they won the LMP2 class with the Porsche RS Spyder and in 2010 in one of the factory Aston Martin LMP1’s.


    That other street track in Brazil looks good. However is it good for Indycar to go so international? As an American series alienating the American public would be a very bad thing to do. I personally would like to see Ho-Pin Tung in Indycars as he is a member of S.S.R. Rotterdam, a student union I also will be a member of in two weeks time after my inauguration in the Pelgrimsvaderskerk/Pilgrimfatherschurch (yes, those famous American guys slept there before going to America) in Rotterdam.


    F1Fanatic Name: The Dutch Bear

    Real Name: Jeroen de Beer

    Birthday: 31th May

    What driver do you support? Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher and Kamui Kobayashi

    What team do you support? Red Bull

    What is your favourite ever GP? Belgium 1998

    Do you like any other sports? The other motorsports of course, football, cycling and speed skating

    Have you ever got COTD? Yes, twice

    Are you on Facebook? Yes @jeroendebeer93

    Are you on Twitter? Yes, @jeroendebeer93

    Do you have a site? No

    Favourite part of F1Fanatic: The community and the very interesting articles from Keith.


    @Ned: Feyenoord has been in bad shape over the past few years with a bad financial situation and bad performances on the pitch. For about half of the last season it looked like they might regulate. I remember listening to PSV-Feyenoord on the radio in disbelief about what was happening. Thankfully it was PSV and not arch enemy Ajax Amsterdam. If you support Feyenoord, you hate Ajax and if you support Ajax, you hate Feyenoord. I love to see Ajax losing.


    My favourite football club is Feyenoord Rotterdam. They really have been struggling over the past seasons, the last times they were champions of the Netherlands was in 1993 and 1999. In 1993, they became champion on May 31, which is the very same day as I was born. As for the British football clubs, I like Liverpool most as I like the spirit of the club and the fact that one of my favourite footballers Dirk Kuyt plays there.


    I think that Formula 1 will cease one day, nothing exists forever. But the love of speed that is in many peoples hearts and the pirsuit of speed will never die.


    The last race I missed was Abu Dhabi last year. That Sunday my parents, sister and I were at the Thialf stadium in Heerenveen, The Netherlands watching a day of World Cup Speed Skating, the 500 metres for men, 1500 metres for women and 5000 metres for men, to be exact. Speed Skating is one of the most popular sports in The Netherlands, but pretty unknown and unloved in the rest of the World. The reason that this sport still exists is because it is in the Winter Olympics. For those (and probably an awfull of lot) of you who don’t know what Speed Skating is watch it here: (commentary is in Dutch)

    I quite liked it, the atmosphere in the stadium was fantastic. I tried to follow the race meanwhile via the ‘as it happens’ on the BBC F1 website that I could follow on my cell phone. So, it wasn’t a complete surprise for me to read on the Internet that Vettel had become WDC.


    As many here, the year I was born ‘Le Professeur’ became world champion in the Williams.


    Mine is pretty simple, ‘Dutch’ of because of me being a Dutchman and ‘The Bear’ because that is the literal translation of my surname which is ‘de Beer’ in Dutch. Not that I’m really a bear, i’m as impressive as a teddy bear.


    Toronto starts at 19:00 CET, I think. If that is the case, count me in.


    Hi guys,

    My Twitter account is!/jeroendebeer93


    I believe AutoGP is the successor of what used to be the Italian F3000 Championship. It uses the old A1GP chassis, the Lola-Zytek, not the Ferrari chassis used in the last year of A1GP. AutoGP is ranked around the World Series of Renault, F3, GP3, I guess. AutoGP is run during the WTCC weekends, such as in Hungary this weekend. On the subject of A1GP, it seems as though Superleague Formula is dropping its football teams competition and replacing it with a country-to-country competition. This weekend will be the first race in Assen. I find it weird they chose Assen rather than Zandvoort, as Assen is suited for motorcycle racing, but not for Grand Prix-style racing where Zandvoort is.


    Country: Renaultine

    Population: 10 milion

    Prime Minister: Pilyt Vetrova

    Capital City: Roullieberes

    National Anthem: Donnez-moi les Turbos (Give me the Turbo’s)

    Language: Frenglish

    GDP: growing rate is lower than for example, Scudferistan.

    Renaultine is probably the oldest country in the World. It was founded in 1898, by the three Renaultine brothers: Louis, Michel and Fernand. Renaultine was one of the founders of the United Nations of Motorsport. The founders Louis and Michel raced, but sadly Michel was killed in accident somewhere between Rapis and Ridmad in 1903. Renaultine was very much involved in the United Nations of Motorsport and in 1906 Cerenf Zsizs became the first leader of the United Nations of Motorsport at Le Mansia. After that Renaultine became less and less involved in the United Nations of Motorsport and somehow disappeared from the United Nations of Motorsport.

    In the 1970’s Renaultine occupied the provinces of Alpine and Gordini and decided to return to the World of Formula One. Led by Prime Minister Pean Jierre Bajouille and General Sean Gaje who found out that he could conquer the World of Formula One if he used the military tactic called Turbocharging. The General had found out this during a visit to the United States of Indy. Renaultine attacked for the first time at Silverstonia in the summer of 1977. It took two years and the assistance of the Minister of Blocking Ener Xarnou before Renaultine won their first battle at Jondi-Repnois. In the following years, especially 1982 and 1983, the newly elected Prime Minister Prostate Alien, came close to conquering the World of Formula One, only to be lacked by a lack of dicipline within the army of Renaultine. After 1983 the Prime Minister was fired by the President Regard Raleusso. The President had found the Prime Minister in bed with the President’s wife in Zandvoortia. After 1985 Renaultine withdrew from the World of Formula again, but gave a lot of support to the State of Lotissia the following year. In 1989 began giving support again, now to Williamski. Despite that the tactic of Turbocharging was now banned, soon Renaultine became succesful again. In 1992 Prime Minister of Williamski Nigella Mainsall and his succesor Prostate Alien, who had become Prime Minister after Nigella Mainsall had gone into exile in the United States of Indy, conquered the World Of Formula One. Williamski had been highly dependent on the great resources of Renaultine. Williamski almost conquered the World of Formula One again in 1994, but unfortunately Prime Minister Anna Sayrton was killed in an accident in Italy. Herr Schumi of Benettonia had managed to become World leader. Impressed by Herr Schumi and Benettonia, Renaultine decided to support them as well. Supporting the two strongest countries in the World of Formula One now, Renaultine was in its heydays that lasted all the way to 1997.

    After 1997 officially withdrew from the World of Formula One again, but in secret supported Williamski and Benettonia under the false names of Meachrome and Playlife. They did support Sarrow in 2000 and 2001 as well, here under the false name of Supertec. In 2001 Renaultine officialy supported Benettonia again and conquered the entire country of Benettonia one year later. Unfortunately for Renaultine, Benettonia evil leader Colonel Briatore was now in charge of Renaultine. Thanks to the Racing God Fernando Alonso Renaultine was rising again and Renaultine finally conquered the World of Formula One in 2005 and 2006.

    Alonso left for Wo’King in 2007 which caused Renaultine to go into a steep decline. Alonso returned in 2008 and 2009, but the damage done by him leaving could not be repared. As the people of Renaultine became unhappy and Colonel Briatore’s position was now in danger, Colonel Briatore did the unthinkable. He made PK Nelson Jr. sacrifice himself during the Battle of Marina Bay, which caused a temporary break during the battle. Because of this break Alonso won the Battle of Marina Bay. After a year the people of the World of Formula One about this foul play and Colonel Briatore was sentenced with a Ban for Life from the World of Formula One. Later on, this sentence became undone, but Briatore is not likely to return to the World of Formula One in the future.

    In 2010 Roberta Kubicy became the Prime Minister of Renaultine, which led to strong growth of Renaultine’s economy and power in the World of Formula One. After an accident in Italy has taken out Roberta Kubicy, Pilyt Vetrova is in charge as Prime Minister of Renaultine. He was struggling during the reign of Kubicy, but has become a good leader of Renaultine. But can Vetrova match his predecessor? We don’t know that entirely yet.

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