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    Nice look.

    Do You think you could do an “away” Catterham livery, swapping the yellow and green and black in place of the white?


    No, They get the choice of either a Proton Savvy or a Lada Kalina :P


    Ned, I counted the points Midland scored in 2005 while they were still using the Jordan name to claim the TV money (and yes those points were lucky too).

    What I ment was even though they are officialy different teams, the team personel and teamwork continued just like nothing had happened. Its not like Midland sacked all the Jordan people on day one and brought in a whole load of less skilled people.


    Its a bit harsh putting Midland/Spyker in that list isn’t it ajokay? The team scored points under both guises and is now Force India not to mention they were once Jordan with a championship challenging car in ’99.


    haha. Although I doubt the USAF would ever use F40 as a designation as the number 40 relates to the WWII P40 Warhawk. They might have a problem when they try to have an F50 fighter though ;)


    Greg Moore :(


    Gold leaf livery. Top post, page 6.


    With the new Mercedes seeming to look much more chromey than last year. Do you think they know something about Mclarens livery that we don’t? That tweet could have just been a diversion?


    Alonso? 2007 was hardly a disaster for him, 4 wins, 12 podiums and 3rd in the championship. Sure everything was bad behind the scenes, but on the track were it counts, things were reletivly good for him and he was far more competative than he would have been had he stayed at Renault who were strugling to adapt to the bridestone tyres. I wouldn’t say this move was bad or stupid or even a mistake. It just didn’t go well off track.


    Ah ok. I was under the impression that he signed a second contract with Williams for 2006 straight after the first one to drive in 2005 & 06 was nullified by the review board. I figured he was desparate to get away from Dave Richards.


    I don’t see why Button’s signing to drive for Williams in 2006 wouldn’t qualify for this. Obviously when Williams lost their BMW engines and Honda anounced they were taking over BAR for 2006, Jenson relised how bad a mistake his earlier signing was and decided to buy himself out of the willliams contract to stay with Honda. An 18 million mistake, that has to be the most expensive single mistake ever by an F1 driver.


    lol I have no idea why, it does seem a bit random. Anyway, your turn Daykind.


    wow what went wrong here? where did Fangio come from? All I see is J.Villeneuve just as the link says. Anyway I will get it going again with this one.


    Jihelle, I hope you don’t mind me posting a new helmet without your confirm. This one is easy to get more people playing. You just need to know flags.


    I had to google this. Marlboro Texas Mclaren white helmet. Luckily the 4th image is a picture of who I now know was Jochan Mass.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)