• Ugh. Coming from a person who has been to nearly every major in the Northeast United States this is by far the worst location for a grand prix. New York is the most overrated city I can think of. Philadelphia […]

  • A shame really, considering there are some great drivers in the IRL.

    I just want to add that I am not blaming anyone for Dan Wheldon’s unfortunate death. I know in any racing series something like this can […]

  • A death that didn’t need to happen. The IRL was founded on ovals. Indy, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Texas, Loudon, Nashville, etc etc. Driver have always driven wheel to wheel at 210+ mph. Unfortunately the merger with […]

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    Hey guys, this was one of the worst racing accidents I’ve seen live. 3 cars going up and over at insane speed. Here in the US, all racing fans that I know really liked Wheldon, and I was no different. A class […]

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