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    tim wood

    Looks like Charlie Whiting walked Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez yesterday with 2014 Mexican GP organizers:

    El Siglo:



    tim wood

    I just saw a tweet about this post. Haven’t been here in over a year, but I thought I’d come back & share some of what/who I saw over the USGP weekend from my albums on our Facebook page (FoF1ATX):

    Wednesday…Fill ‘er up, Fernando:

    Thursday & Friday at COTA:

    Saturday at COTA:

    Sunday at COTA:


    tim wood

    It’s working!!

    According to an article published this morning:

    “F1 feedback flooding City Hall . . . As of mid-afternoon Monday, Council Member Bill Spelman had received 658 emails in favor of city sponsorship of the Formula 1 racetrack and 258 opposing it. Deena Estrada, an assistant to Spelman, said some of the messages were from folks who indicated they live outside Austin but would visit us if the race wins approval, although she said most of the emails appeared to come from local residents. Council is currently scheduled to vote on whether to support the race (on June 23rd)”

    But we need more!! We’re aiming to triple the opposition’s emails AT A MINIMUM, so we need to keep up the pressure! FWD the petition link to everyone you know who might sign it:


    OH…we also need direct emails to the councilmembers, sent individually so they don’t view them as a bulk mailing and discard them:








    …….and we need Letters to the editor at the Statesman.


    I know these efforts may seem trivial or inconsequential, but they really do matter to the council! Your emails & letters to the editor can be short, sweet, & concisenot trying to cover too much. Just send them and let them know where you stand!!

    We’re going for as much VOLUME as possible!! EVERYTHING helps.

    Three-pronged offensive:

    1) Sign the petition and forward it to your friends. Remember, for each signing, the council is informed via email.

    2) Send Letters to the editor at the Austin American Statesman

    3) Send direct emails to the City Council

    Thanks so much for all your help, everyone. Keep up the great work!!!!



    tim wood

    It absolutely helps. It helps more than you know! Please send your emails to the addresses I provided and please get as many supporters as you can to do the same!!

    Listen everyone, I have to make another plea for your support. I can’t stress this enough. It’s a critical time for Circuit of the Americas…hate to sound corny, but this is the truth. This project needs us right now more than ever, whether you’re in Austin or elsewhere.

    For you Austin guys, this is a call to all of you who support the facility and all it’s going to bring here. it’s absolutely critical that we get as many supporters as humanly possible and FLOOD the City Council Chambers so that there’s no doubt whatsoever to any observer that there’s PLENTY of support for this facility. Come to the session, and bring your wives, your kids, your friends, your boss, coworkers, whoever, just get as many people there as possible and be sure to sign up on the computers out in the lobby indicating your support. You can also sign up to speak if you like.

    For those of you outside Austin, we need emails of support, as many as humanly possible, to the addresses I gave above. Title them something like “Support F1 in Austin”. Tell them where you’re coming from, how many others are coming with you, how long you’re staying here, what you plan to do, and how much you plan to spend. Tell ’em your whole life story if you like…just send that email indicating your support in the title. Get your wives and GFs…or BFs, or whatever (NTTAWWT) to write emails too. Get your older kids to write them…and your friends too.

    If you want to help make a difference and feel like you’re helping with this project, this may be the best chance you’ll ever get. Pass this on to everyone you can. Let’s show the naysayers that their dis- and misinformation isn’t going to stop this thing.

    The meeting is scheduled for 10am at Austin City Hall in Council Chambers…301 W. 2nd. Council Chambers are immediately on your left as you come in through the south entrance.

    Thanks sooo much.

    See you there.


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