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    What kind of breakthrough were we expecting from him? Even if he was to clean up his act and make less mistakes, he still lacks a lot of pace compared to a driver like Grosjean. Pastor’s breakthrough would result in him moving up from #20 in the driver’s rankings to around #15 at best. He’s be a forgettable competitor even at his peak

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    I would be shocked if they can turn around their 2014 form. I expect Nasr to impress in his rookie season though.. a few points finishes should be in reach for him. Doubt Ericcson will score a point all season long

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    I think people are critical of him as he has been the least exciting or talented driver to win a WDC in a really really long time. He had a strong start to a season in a dominant car, and then was outscored by his teammate in the 2nd half of the season.

    In my books, he has good race craft, consistency (if the car suits him), and a good head on his shoulders. However, he lacks outright pace.. lacks the versatility that Hamilton and Alonso possess.

    Overall, I think he’s lucky to have one WDC and I guess no one can take that away from him. He can get criticised though for not being as good as other WDCs… which I think is entirely fair.

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    Fernando on Kimi was pretty good.. brilliantly set up from T1 and T2

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    I wrote Ferrari off in 2014 even before pre season testing began. I predicted them to make the 3rd or 4th fastest car… but I think they can do considerably worse this year.

    What a waste of Kimi’s and Nando’s years

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    Alonso on the Hulk

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    Vettel – 2nd
    Ricciardo – 3rd

    Lewis – 1st
    Rosberg – 1st

    Alonso – 1st
    Raikkonnen – 1st

    Button – 2nd
    Magnussen – 1st

    Grosjean – 3rd
    Maldonado – 4th

    Bottas – 2nd
    Massa – 4th

    Hulkenberg – 3rd
    Perez – 6th

    Vergne – 8th
    Kyvat – 9th

    Sutil – 9th
    Guttierez – 9th

    Bianchi – 13th
    Chilton – 17th

    Kobayashi – 16th
    Ericcson – 19th

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    I hope for Fernando to take it… but I’m guessing Ferrari will maintain their consistent form and make the 3rd fastest car of the season again. I’m predicting a Merc vs Mclaren battle at the front, with Merc benefiting the most from the double points race

    1) Hamilton – 243
    2) Rosberg – 211
    3) Magnussen – 184
    4) Alonso – 177
    5) Button – 165
    6) Vettel – 146
    7) Raikkonen – 145
    8) Grosjean – 101
    9) Ricciardo – 96
    10) Bottas – 77
    11) Hulkenberg – 76
    12) Maldonado – 59
    13) Perez – 45
    14) Massa – 42
    15) Kyvat – 16
    16) Vergne – 10
    17) Sutil – 10
    18) Guttierez – 8
    19) Kobayashi – 2
    20) Bianchi – 1
    21) Chilton – 0
    22) Ericcson – 0

    Points are a shot in the dark, obviously :)

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    Well… so it is true.

    Mercedes engines produce a 690bhp + an additional 150 bhp from ERS
    Renault (according to the Taffin interview) produce 600bhp + 160bhp from ERS

    Ferrari are the big question mark. But if I had to guess, they would be marginally better than Renault in terms of performance. The only positive of the Ferrari engine is their cooling I guess.. which could lead to smaller sidepods and less aero drag.

    I have a bad feeling that this season is going to be a Mclaren vs Mercedes battle. Let’s hope I’m wrong

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    I dont remember Mercedes claiming their engine generated 700bhp… at least I hope not. A 100 bhp is a massive difference in performance. Big enough for the Mercedes powered cars to be at the front followed by either the Renault or Ferrari engined cars

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    1. Hamilton
    2. Rosberg
    3. Button
    4. Alonso
    5. Magnussen
    6. Vettel
    7. Bottas
    8. Massa
    9. Raikkonnen
    10. Hulkenberg

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    Here goes –

    1) Ferrari
    2) Mercedes
    3) Force India
    4) Red Bull
    5) Williams
    6) Lotus
    7) Mclaren
    8) Sauber
    9) Toro Rosso
    10) Marrussia
    11) Caterham

    It was really close between Ferrari and Mercedes, and although Mercedes have the better qualifiers, Ferrari have the more consistent race day performers. Also thought it was close between Force India and Red Bull, but had to give it to Force India as both their drivers are far better than Ricciardo

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    @sbl on tour

    Would have to agree.

    I dislike both Vettel and Schumacher, but Vettel has my respect for 3 reasons –

    1) Vettel has had much tougher competition in the form of Hamilton & Alonso .Schumacher wasn’t racing against anyone of that calibre after 1994. (Sorry over rated Hakkinen & Montoya and Kimi in fragile cars)
    2) Vettel didn’t intentionally bump other drivers off the circuit and park his car on the circuit to slow other drivers down
    3) Vettel didn’t have a teammate who would move over for him at will

    Honestly, I already consider Vettel to be a far superior champion to Schumacher, and Vettel is without a doubt, a better ambassador of the sport

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    Well.. maybe I could help. I used to be a sound engineer, and studio acoustics and sound re production was was always fun.

    It depends a lot on your broadcast signal, and your viewing environment. I’m not from the UK, so I dont know whether you get f1 races broadcasted in regular stereo, or any different form.

    It also depends where you watch the race. What are the dimensions of the room, hall etc? Are there lots of mirrors and reflective surfaces or more audio absorbent surfaces -> etc.

    Fill me in on some details, and I could help you out

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    Red Bull -> Vettel crushes his teammate in quali, race, practice sessions .. you name it.
    Mercedes -> Close match between Rosberg and Hamilton, but similar to 2013, Hamilton will come out on top in 2014 as well
    Ferrari -> Alonso will beat Raikkonen convincingly. Maybe not as convincingly as he destroyed Massa, but he will beat him pretty regularly
    Lotus -> Grosjean should re affirm the fact that Maldonado is nothing more than a pay driver
    Mclaren -> Closest inter team battle of the season, with Magnussen getting the better of Button
    Force India -> Hulkenberg should beat him by a decent margin
    Williams -> Bottas beats Massa on sheer consistency
    Sauber -> Dont know who the second driver is yet. But if it is between Gutti and Sutil, I expect Sutil to come out on top
    Toro Rosso -> JEV comes out on top, although Kyvat out qualifies him during the year
    Caterham -> Dont know who’s driving for them. Dont care
    Marrussia -> Bianchi. Regardless of the the guy in the 2nd seat

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