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    Hi, I’m planning on going to this years Hungarian grand prix and am just looking for advice as to travelling to and from the circuit. I’ve read plenty on different web sites and on here but looking for a definitive travel plan. My problem isn’t so much getting there but getting back. I’m thinking of taking the train on the Friday and Saturday and walking up to the circuit, which means I’ll get to see other fans to chat to on the way up. I’m thinking of getting a taxi on the Sunday so we can just get straight to the circuit. Getting back is where I’m struggling. I’ve read somewhere that you can get a taxi to the circuit and they will wait for you till the race is finished and take you back to where you were picked up. Is this correct and if so does anyone know how much this will cost?? I’ve read from fans that you can wait 90 minutes for a taxi back to Budapest but on one of the sites I’ve read that an ‘official taxi company to the Hungaroring’ there are minimum waits. Also, is it only these official taxi companies that can use the private road to and from the circuit or can other taxi companies use this road too?

    This will be my first time at a GP and obviously I want to have the best experience so any more help and tips for a noobie like me would be greatly appreciated. I’ve got my flights and accommodation booked but still deliberating on what tickets to buy. I was considering getting the Super Gold weekend ticket as it has cover. I have fair skin and if it’s going to be really hot then I thought the cover would be ideal but are the tickets worth it just for that?? I’ve seen a lot of people going for one of the gold and silver stands. Incidentally we’ll be staying at the inter continental in Budapest so if anyone has any reviews of it that would be greatly appreciated too :-)