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    Max Jacobson

    I’m voting for the driver that proves least popular, because I think it’s ridiculous and unsporting.


    Max Jacobson

    Very close call betwen Bianchi on Kobayashi and Hülkenberg on Magnussen, but for the clean execution and the sheer calculated opportunism displayed I will have to go for the latter.

    Sutil made a couple of good moves at the hairpin also.


    Max Jacobson

    Kvyat has impressed me a lot. Red Bull seem to have a knack for doing such with their young drivers – Vettel and Ricciardo have both earned a huge amount of admiration from me.


    Max Jacobson

    You could potentially award the world championship solely on the basis of the medals system and then every other position plus the constructor’s championship could be dictated using normal points, since the simplistic element would only really be of effect to the driver’s championship.


    Max Jacobson

    I like points. Points reward consistency, which is how it should be.

    The major adaptation I would make to the current system is by awarding points down to 15th – that would encourage drivers much more readily in the lower positions to push, and would reward consistency in finishing.

    If that could be coupled with a higher win percentage gain relative to second, all the better.


    Max Jacobson

    Vettel on Bottas.


    Max Jacobson

    @enigma good nomination with Kubica – even though his car was probably never going to win the title (so maybe you could discount him on that factor, it depends again on what the question actually represents).


    Max Jacobson

    1994 – Ayrton Senna
    1995 – Michael Schumacher
    1996 – Ayrton Senna
    1997 – Ayrton Senna
    1998 – Mika Häkkinen
    1999 – Michael Schumacher
    2000 – Michael Schumacher
    2001 – Michael Schumacher
    2002 – Michael Schumacher
    2003 – Juan Pablo Montoya (Schumacher close second)
    2004 – Michael Schumacher
    2005 – Kimi Räikkönen
    2006 – Fernando Alonso (Schumacher close second)
    2007 – Lewis Hamilton
    2008 – Lewis Hamilton
    2009 – Sebastian Vettel
    2010 – Sebastian Vettel
    2011 – Sebastian Vettel
    2012 – Fernando Alonso
    2013 – Sebastian Vettel

    WDC Tallies:
    Schumacher – 6
    Senna – 6 (3)
    Vettel – 4
    Alonso – 2
    Hamilton – 2
    Häkkinen – 1
    Räikkönen – 1
    Montoya – 1


    Max Jacobson

    A bit of a silly thing to say Lewis…

    I understand his religious beliefs dictate such (however dubious that notion is) and he evidently has the utmost respect for him, but that was just inviting a sensationalist response. And it was ultimately a useless statement.


    Max Jacobson

    Almost certainly F1 losing perhaps it’s greatest asset at the time – Ayrton Senna. As a result, F1 lacked a true legend’s presence on the grid: with Prost gone and Mansell at that time also gone, the event was a catastrophic blow for the sport’s publicity. So their only option was to visibly improve the safety of proceedings, with temporary barriers on Eau Rouge and such like before a major overhaul to ensure that such a travesty would never occur again.

    It undoubtably initiated the crusade that we should all be in debt to. Even if some tracks have been sterilised, I’d still far rather be complaining about Tarmac run-offs than mourning the death of a driver.


    Max Jacobson

    …you pick racing lines when walking through crowds at your school and shout at people for breaking the defensive driving regulations by failing to “leava the spacea”


    Max Jacobson

    I do that all the time. And I get frustrated when I carry too much apex speed and compromise the next corner.


    Max Jacobson

    Red Bull – Vettel will exercise the advantage he holds in experience very early on to assert his authority in the races and within the team, but Ricciardo will claw some of that back as the season progresses (particularly in qualifying, where I’m expecting some close battles).

    Mercedes – very close between Rosberg and Hamilton, and I genuinely anticipate Rosberg to have a very real shot at the title.

    Ferrari – Räikkönen will of course be a much sterner opponent than Massa, but I think Alonso will be fairly comfortable in the end.

    Lotus – Grosjean will surely continue his form, but Maldonado will be a fierce opponent in qualifying and should by some miracle he mature I think he will show brilliance in the races also.

    McLaren – Magnussen has been very impressive in testing. Button’s smoothness may help, but I think Magnussen will beat him in the final standings.

    Force India – fairly comfortable for Hülkenberg: he has familiarity with the team and immense talent. His qualifying will put him generally out of Perez’s reach.

    Sauber – god, is their line-up boring. Sutil will win due to consistency.

    Toro Rosso – Kvyat will take some time to bed in but I was impressed with him in GP3, so I’m expecting good things.

    Williams – Massa will be empowered, as he was in the second half of 2013, by the freedom he will have at Williams to race. But I think Bottas will begin to dishearten him with his speed.

    Marussia – Bianchi, comfortably, will beat Chilton.

    Caterham – Kobayashi should show his experience to succeed in both qualifying and the races.


    Max Jacobson

    It is looking in general very fresh and refined, definitely a good improvement to the site and worth the disruption (which of course was no problem at all)!


    Max Jacobson

    I’m just going to do a top 10 and 5 respectively:

    1 – Hamilton (finally, someone else!)
    2 – Rosberg
    3 – Vettel
    4 – Alonso
    5 – Button
    6 – Räikkönen
    7 – Ricciardo
    8 – Magnussen
    9 – Hülkenberg
    10 – Grosjean

    1 – Mercedes
    2 – Ferrari
    3 – Red Bull
    4 – McLaren
    5 – Force India

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