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    1. Alonso
    2. Hamilton
    3. Vettel
    4. Raikkonen
    5. Hulkenberg
    6. Button
    7. Grosjean
    8. Webber
    9. Maldonado
    10. Rosberg
    11. Kobayashi
    12. Perez
    13. Ricciardo
    14. di Resta
    15. Massa
    16. Vergne
    17. Petrov
    18. Glock
    19. Pic
    20. de la Rosa
    21. Grosjean
    22. Kovalainen
    23. Senna
    24. Karthikeyan



    This is interesting, Poland fell through 6 to 14, Kubica effect :(



    I came in very late, Spa 2009 :)



    While playing F1 2011, I realized that even turn 15-16-17 is also nice to drive on Yas Marina.
    It gives a mini-feeling of the all famous turn-8 of Istanbul.




    1: Vettel : Everytime I watch his onboard lap, breathing stops for a moment, he also found some grace this year.
    2: Button: Really exceeded my expectations, exemplary performance.
    3: Alonso: Wasn’t his fan till last year, but boy o boy, beating 2 drivers in far superior car, that deserves standing ovation.
    4: Sutil: Clearly best of the rest, still puzzled by his relatively less popularity.
    5: Hamilton: Winning 3 GPs in what is considered to be his worst year, speaks volume of his talent.
    6: Rosberg : Not a perfect year as everybody expected from him, but he has his share of moments, his start in Spa and race lead in China
    7: Di Resta: Standout rookie of the year
    8: Schumacher: Again exceeded my expectation, but I still reckon THAT schumi is long gone.
    9: Perez: Beating Kobayashi in qualy and no words to define his Albert Park drive but sometimes looked very silly, even by rookies standards.
    10: Kovalainen: Impressive, but Trulli was so horribly poor that we even don’t know whether he extracted maximum from the car.
    11: Alguersuari: My personal opinion is always too hard towards him but I tend to forget how young he is, definitely deserve a seat in 12.
    12: Kobayashi: Although stellar at times, I still find him very overrated.
    13: Webber
    14: Buemi
    15: Petrov
    16: Senna
    17: Barrichello
    18: Maldonado
    19: Ricciardo
    20: Glock
    21: Massa
    22: D’ambrosio
    23: Liuzzi
    24: Trulli



    @slr see, as dpod suggested the careful usage of words would have changed the tone of his statement completely. May be I am taking “no worse than” phrase quite seriously, but still it sounds disdainful to Webber.



    Now I really want Webber to perform better than ever in 2012, at least these kids (including Alguersuari “I am a champions material”) will learn to check high hoarse voice of their.
    And these kind of statements does not exudes confidence, just plain desperation.



    Right, but in 2009, FI was nearly reborn wrt technology, team, partnership and management.



    Even if it comes down to Reliability and Money issues, Force India did an amazing job in 2009 within just second year of it’s inception, and that is not long time back.

    As I jogged my memory, I also remember they were running 4th in Monaco in 2008 when Kimmi refused to apply breaks (Kimmi fans don’t bash me, this is not the point of debate anyway ;) ).

    In short, all three newbies are definitely way off the mark.



    Hi David (TBWG),

    The guest house you have booked is quite at a decent distance from the circuit, but delhi would have been better because of lot many different options.

    From Sec-34, The Great India Palace and Center Stage Mall are 4-5 Kms from your place, so finding decent place to eat won’t be a problem for you.

    You can catch awesome Metro Rail service from Noida City Center (Near Sec-34 only) to Delhi if you have some more time to explore. For local commutation you can easily get a auto-rickshaw ride or you can book cabs, later will be a bit expensive.

    Caution: Come with a robust stomach, not everybody can handle Delhi food :)

    Keep in touch, it will be my pleasure to help you.



    Booked Picnic Stand South :)

    @todfod: I will be attending all 3 days, can’t miss a single second.

    See you guys over there.



    Hi Todfod, you are right, it sucks big time here when it comes to infrastructure projects.

    But here it’s little different scenario, a total private entity taking care of the project where everything matters is money and global reputation.

    And I am positively hoping that these factors will lead to successful completion of the project.



    Hi TBWG (sorry couldn’t catch your name :))

    Yeah as it appeared to me, pitlane building was more or less done with internal stuff pending (electrical wiring, AC n stuff) but main grandstand needs most attention, it seemed quite behind.

    And I am Noida resident here, working in IBM, so I already know this place.

    There are not many options in Noida, mostly comes under Jaypee umbrella only (very expensive).

    But you will get a lot many choices in Delhi, which is some 70-80 km from the circuit and conveyance is pretty easy.

    The cabs will charge you 15Rs/km (official rates) which will come round to 20-25 Euros for you.

    And yeah let me know if you need any help here if you decide to land here :)



    I want to share some relevant updates with you all.

    My uncle works in Siemens systems, which is responsible for all electrical and IT infrastructure of the circuit.

    Last weekend, as I stay in Noida, which is roughly 40KM from Buddh international, got a chance to visit the site with my uncle (of course, with his references).

    I was all pumped and raring to click some pics of the circuit with my Sony H70, but came near close to loose it to security personals.

    As far as progress is concerned, track and service roads are near completion (obviously require some finishing touch), grand stand, other stands and pit buildings have some significant work left to do.

    Although my experience doesn’t speak of much volume regarding these infrastructure projects,but they are not in very comfortable position and will require last minute hush-hush, although it is definite that circuit will be ready for the race

    with remotest chance of cancelation (as I followed last year, things are way too better than Korea).

    Todfod, my friend, sorry but you are sounding little cynical and I hope you would have to eat your words (and you would be hoping the same :))

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