• This excellent video of Max Verstappen in action during the Belgian Grand Prix appears to have been made entirely using footage filmed by a fan:


  • Sunday’s IndyCar finale – albeit with the major contribution of double points – could not have been closer with it being decided by a tie-breaker.

    With many contenders and many turning points involved, I was somewhat put in mind of the 1992 NASCAR Cup finale at Atlanta.

    – Both had six drivers going into it with mathematical chances of being…[Read more]

  • Some reigning world champions were successful in defending their titles – Schumacher, Vettel and Fangio won 4 or more consecutive titles, and right now it looks like Hamilton will successfully defend his 2014 title. But in 47 seasons (if I’ve counted correctly), the champ failed to repeat their success the following year.

    Let’s think of some…[Read more]

  • A few days ago I was re-watching races from 2014 just because I wanted to see any diference compared to this year. And yet there was a lot. Aside from the much better racing, I noted that last year’s cars were like more smoother and looked faster than this year’s. Last year drivers flew past the Maggots-Becketts section in Silverstone very fast.…[Read more]

  • Who are you favourite drivers who came in mid-season to replace another driver? Over the years many drivers have come in and made an impression (or not!) part-way through the season. Here are a few that come to mind:

    Mario Andretti (1982, Ferrari, replaced Pironi) a podium at Monza on his first race back!
    Stefan Johansson (1985, Ferrari, replaced…[Read more]

  • Hi all, I have a chance to be in Mexico for just the race day, I would only be able to afford general admission. Does anyone know what the general admission viewing is like?

  • We’ve talked about the best colour schemes for a Formula 1 car, now lets hear your nominations for some of the worst! While some are dictated by corporate colours and trying to work in sponsor needs, some have no excuse and are an outright mess. Here are some I really disliked over time …

    The 1981 Tyrrell. Why did they stop the white line so…[Read more]

  • Most teams seem to have a favoured driver. Can you pick up any examples or quotes to show that there is a clear number 1 and number 2 driver?

    Nico Hulkenberg & Sergio Perez at Force India

    At Abu Dhabi 2014, Nico Hulkenberg was running Behind Sergio Perez. However the team decided to use the ‘undercut’
    for Hulkenberg to get sixth position.

  • Since no-one has started this topic yet, I’ll do it. It has been very hard to rank the drivers this year, especially the places 4-13 in my list could be in a very different order if I made this list tomorrow.

    Not Ranked:
    Fernando Alonso & Jenson Button – The difference between the quality of Mclaren Honda and its drivers is so big that it seems…[Read more]

  • GP2 and GP3 will make up for the loss of their races at the Nurburgring in Germany by adding an extra round at the Bahrain International Circuit.

    The races will take place one week before their season finales at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi, and will support the World Endurance Championship Six Hours of Bahrain.

    For the GP2 drivers it will be the…[Read more]

  • PT started the topic Driver Mistakes Enliven Race in the forum Group logo of Going to the Mexican Grand Prix at Autodromo Hermanos RodriguezFormula One 1 month ago

    Let’s face it – F1 never has a dull moment if its drivers keep making mistakes, as the 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix proved. Lewis Hamilton apologized to his team for a scrappy race, but we have to be grateful to him for those mistakes that livened up the race.

    How exciting was it to see Pastor Maldonado run into Sergio Perez whose Force India then…[Read more]

  • Enigma started the topic Each driver's worst crash in the forum Group logo of Going to the Mexican Grand Prix at Autodromo Hermanos RodriguezFormula One 1 month ago

    There are 20 drivers on the current grid – let’s try and remember (or think of) the most serious crash each of them has had in their career.

    I’ll start with:
    Felipe Massa – Hungary 2009, hitting a spring at high speed and being seriously injured.
    Sergio Perez – Monaco 2011, crashing at the chicane, which resulted in a concussion. He missed the…[Read more]

  • I was looking through some of my old editions of Autocourse this morning and I was reminded of a bizarre printing error in my edition. A number of the pages of the team-by-team review are missing (pages 65-80, so I have a spread where on the left hand page there is the start of the Honda Racing section and on the right hand page there is an advert…[Read more]

  • With Daniil Kvyat making his first podium appearance, what is your favourite podium line-up? I have a few that were interesting for the unusual line-ups we had!

    Such as the Stewart-Prost (Herbert/Trulli/Barrichello) podium, European GP 1999. Totally unexpected!


    Or the Monaco 1996 one, Panis/Couthard/Herbert:


    And while the…[Read more]

  • Was watching one of the BBC F1 Rewind episodes today, i’d heard the old 80’s grid music before and thought I recognised it but never made the connection to The Neverending Story film from the 80’s! Here is the full length theme:

    They should bring it back, for sure!

  • I don’t know how long each one of you have been following the sport. It started in 1989 for me, and I have seen all races since the beginning of the 1994 season.
    And it is completely normal for a F1 season to have maybe 1/4 to 1/3 good to great races, and the rest rather dull for the casual viewer but mostly still interesting to those who really…[Read more]

  • Nominate the best pass or passes from the Hungarian Grand Prix for our 2015 Pass of the Year poll.

    Regular readers will know how the formula works: after every race we have a dedicated thread for you to nominate the best pass or passes. And at the end of the year the nominations are compiled and a list of the top ten created for everyone to vote…[Read more]

  • Auto Motor und Sport in Germany have released some data surrounding Bianchi’s accident in November last year.

    Below are some of the key points in english:
    2.61secs between loss of control and impact
    loss of control 213-km / h (GPS data)
    The Marussia meets the obstruction 126 km / h in an angle of 55 degrees
    her [the car’s] nose digging under the edge of the crane. This car is abruptly delayed and raised the stern.
    the driver’s helmet bangs against the back wall of the 6.8-ton tractor
    The Marussia experiences a delay of 58.8 g
    The car is deflected even 4 meters in the longitudinal direction and 2 meters to the side and then come into a service access out of sight of cameras route to a standstill.
    254 g delay at the head of Jules Bianchi
    the car came within just 4 meters to a halt

    Mellor continues: “The problem was that the Marussia partly dipped below the stem of the crane and was thereby pressed from above against the ground That worked like a brake with an abrupt deceleration is precisely in this process was the contact.. held between helmet and crane. We had a course never seen such. “

    A delay of 92…>[Read more]

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