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    1. What country are you in (and state, if applicable)
    2. Which channels broadcast F1 near you?
    Macedonian National TV, SportKlub TV
    3. Do they show all the races live or only a limited number (if so, how many?)
    All the races
    4. Do they also show qualifying live?
    5. Do they also show practice sessions live?
    SportKlub TV does, MTV1 not
    6. If they are a subscription channel, what does a full year’s subscription cost (excluding limited time offers)?
    It’s on cable, which is 10 euros a month, no subscription to a specific channels
    7. Do they broadcast coverage online? If so please post link/s
    There is website which has the macedonian tv channels and you can watch F1 there on MTV1 for free (macedonian only –
    8. Please supply any other relevant information such as alternative viewing options
    Really cheap, but it comes with a price, the commentators on MTV1 have no clue of F1, mute is the best option or switching to SportKlub TV, where the commentating is decent but nothing technical.

    By the way, there are no other options to choose

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)