• wendy moody posted an update 5 years, 2 months ago

    Hi Mick, can you advise me of the best time to arrive on Friday morning, to avoid traffic? Don’t know how early we should arrive, thanks @mick61

    • Sorry Wendy can’t really help with that. Haven’t driven in on a race weekend for years. We always arrive Wed /Thur and camp all weekend. The crowd on Friday is pretty big and getting bigger year on year but my guess would be that a lot of those would be campers, so maybe the roads won’t be so bad?

      Sorry no help, but I would plan on giving myself at least an hour from either the M1 at Northampton or Mlton Keynes and a bit longer from the M40 depending which way you are coming in.

      Better to be ealry than miss the start of the day. Good luck and have a great day. If you do get there way too early you can join my son and I for coffee.

      • Hi and thanks. I will have a scout around to see if there are any comments on traffic, the last thing I want is to miss any of the action!!! If we arrive v. early, coffee would be good!!!! Presumably there are plenty of facilities, without horrendous queues?