F1 in the news 26


In this week’s F1 news, the Brazilian Grand Prix was the most popular race of last year – and one of the top porting events by television audience. Plus the three drivers up for sportsman awards, a possible return to South Africa and why Ferrari didn’t sign Fernando Alonso.

Banned: Six-wheelers

Banned! 12

At least four different teams experimented with six-wheeled cars and they succeeded in producing some of the most hideous F1 cars ever seen.

F1 2007 Preview: Red Bull


It’s a big season for Red Bull. You can’t recruit the biggest-name car designer in F1, mate his creation to last season’s championship-winning engine, and not get results. Testing so far has suggested that the team are in for a difficult time to begin with, at least. But if they can get the car sorted … Continue reading F1 2007 Preview: Red Bull

F1 in the blogs special: Honda’s green livery


It seems that for every blogger singing the praises of Honda’s radical, sponsor-free environmentally-aware livery there’s another one decrying it at a cynical ploy of ‘greenwash’ marketing. Here’s a sample of some of the most interesting reactions:

The Ben Evans Column: 1984


Before a racing wheel has been turned in anger 2007 is already shaping up to be one of the most interesting seasons for a long time. The deck has been well and truly shuffled with many new drivers in new teams. And for once it’s not just confined to the minor men – there is … Continue reading The Ben Evans Column: 1984

F1Fanatic is 2!


Today’s is F1Fanatic.co.uk’s second birthday. Most of our readers are not likely to remember when the site looked as it does in this picture back from April 2005 – what the hell was I thinking with that shade of pink? Many thanks to all of our visitors. To coincide (almost) with the two-year anniversary we’ve … Continue reading F1Fanatic is 2!

F1 2007 Preview: Toyota


Which problem do you think angers Toyota’s management more: Their complete failure to deliver on the enormous investment pumped into the team for six years – or the fact that no-one cares? For Toyota are not only one of the least successful teams compared to the amount spent on their F1 campaign – they are … Continue reading F1 2007 Preview: Toyota

2007 testing round-up 5


Testing this week was split between the haves and the have-nots. The richest teams flew off to Bahrain for some hot-weather testing at a circuit that will host a Grand Prix this year. Meanwhile Spyker and Williams took the lower-cost option of returning to Valencia. Take a look at who’s quick, who’s reliable – and … Continue reading 2007 testing round-up 5

F1 2007 Preview: BMW


Everything I read about BMW’s 2007 season rotates around the same hang-up. Apparently they are doomed to suffer ‘second album syndrome’, where a team that impresses in their first season struggles in the next. Case studies: Stewart, 1998; Prost, 1998; Jordan, 1992 and so on. But this cuts no ice with me. BMW are no … Continue reading F1 2007 Preview: BMW

F1 in the blogs 19


With the season getting close F1 bloggers are asking big questions. Like will Lewis Hamilton eclipse Jenson Button as the British media darling? Are there too many young drivers in F1 today? And how on earth does Ralf Schumacher command a higher pay packet than Fernando Alonso? All this plus our most recommended post of … Continue reading F1 in the blogs 19