Silverstone gets new Grand Prix deadline

Silverstone has been given a new deadline of December 11th to get a deal in place to hold the British Grand Prix. Bernie Ecclestone had previously given the circuit until November 7th to sign a contract but, not for the first time in his negotiations over the 2010 British Grand Prix, the critical date has […]

F1 links: Mercedes-Schumacher speculation

Early in Michael Schumacher’s F1 career there were many rumours he was about to join a Mercedes-powered team, as he was part of their young driver scheme in sports car racing. Could he finally be about to make the connection, three years after his last F1 race? It seems to be more speculation than substance […]

Button and Hamilton join McLaren’s roster of world champion driver pairings

It’s been said the driver policy at McLaren is simple: find the two best drivers available and hire them. Once again they have hired a pair of champion drivers, something which is not that common in F1. The surprise 2010 pairing of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button is the latest in a series that includes […]

Prost to race Duster on ice

The Dacia range of cars isn’t sold here in Britain and the brand is probably best known for Top Gear’s running joke about James May’s fixation with its Sandero model. But Renault is to give its economy brand a boost by entering it in the annual Trophee Andros ice-racing tournament in France – with four-times […]

Will you miss Kimi Raikkonen? (Poll)

Kimi Raikkonen has scotched rumours that he could join Mercedes and now looks set to spend at least one year out of the F1 cockpit. Reading comments here and on other sites I’ve been surprised by the outpourings of dismay over Raikkonen’s departure from F1 and sympathy towards him. But when there’s at least 11 […]

“F1 2009″ by Codemasters (Wii)

Codemasters picked two formats for their new official Formula 1 game “F1 2009″. Yesterday we looked at the handheld Sony PSP version – but what’s the game like played in full screen on a Nintendo Wii? Read on to find out.

Jenson Button has left Ross Brawn's team to join McLaren

McLaren confirm Jenson Button will join Lewis Hamilton for 2010

2010 F1 season

Jenson Button has been confirmed as a McLaren driver for 2010. He will partner Lewis Hamilton at the team.

“F1 2009″ by Codemasters (Sony PSP)

After a three-year wait, F1 fans finally have an official Formula 1 game. New licence-holders Codemasters have produced a game based on the 2009 season for the Sony PSP and Nintendo Wii, while a 2010 game is under development for the more sophisticated PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. It’s fair to say most F1 […]

Kimi Raikkonen to take sabbatical in 2010 as McLaren talks end

2010 F1 season

Kimi Raikkonen will not drive for McLaren in 2010.

Mercedes or McLaren? Button’s decision

Depending on who you believe, Jenson Button may already have signed for McLaren. But many people thought the same about Kimi Raikkonen a few weeks ago. And it’s hard to believe Button would voluntarily leave the team that made him champion after sticking by them for so long. Which team will he pick for 2010?

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