Five problems F1 designers face in 2010

F1 cars will weigh almost 100kg more at the start of a race this year compared to last. That presents a host of challenges to F1 designers such as brake wear, ride height, weight distribution and tyre wear. Any team which doesn’t get a grip of the problems will find themselves playing catch-up like McLaren […]

F1 Fanatic round-up: 22/1/2010

Felipe Massa will be testing a Ferrari F2008 at the Circuit de Catalunya today. Ferrari say the official purpose of the test is: “to gain confidence with the Formula 1 car after a long break, due to his accident during the qualifying at the Hungarian GP.” Still you have to wonder if other teams would […]

Rossi beats 2009 fastest lap at Barcelona

Ferrari have confirmed Valentino Rossi lapped quicker than any of the F1 cars during last year’s race during his test in an F2008 today. He was 0.8s quicker than the best lap set by Rubens Barrichello during the 2009 Grand Prix. But an F1 car with 2008 levels of downforce and running slick tyres (even […]

Massa joins Rossi at Ferrari Barcelona test (Video and pictures)

Valentino Rossi completed his two-day test for Ferrari at the Circuit de Catalunya today – and was joined by Felipe Massa in the afternoon. Massa arrived at the circuit ahead of his test in the F2008 tomorrow. See below for pictures and footage of Rossi in action.

Williams change tyres in less than three seconds in pre-season practice

With refuelling banned we’re going to see some wickedly fast pit stops in 2010. How fast? The Williams crew are already able to swap four tyres in less than three seconds. The fastest four-tyre pit stop recorded in F1 was 3.2 seconds – so who will be first to break that record, and just how […]

Toyota staff follow Trulli to Lotus

Lotus has confirmed two former Toyota team members have joined their team. Dieter Gass began work for Lotus as deputy technical director early in January. He was previously chief race and test engineer at Toyota. And Gianluca Pisanello, who was Jarno Trulli’s race engineer at Toyota has also moved to Lotus. He will be one […]

F1 Fanatic round-up: 21/1/2010

Today Valentino Rossi wraps up his Ferrari test and we now know he’ll be followed by Felipe Massa a day later. Here’s the Thursday round-up: Links Donington advisors out of pocket after F1 scheme collapse (Brits on Pole) “Speaking in June, when problems signing off planning documents were finally overcome, ISG chief executive Andrew Hampel […]

Massa to test F2008 on Friday

Felipe Massa will join Michael Schumacher by getting some testing done before the season starts. He will get behind the wheel on Friday, taking over the F2008 currently being used by Valentino Rossi at the Circuit de Catalunya. Massa last tested a car on December 16th when he drove an F2007 at Mugello. The drivers […]

Is this Ferrari’s 2010 livery?

Spanish newspaper Marca claims to have exclusive illustrations of Ferrari’s 2010 Ferrari. See here for pictures of the design. The livery shows a heavy presence for Santander as expected. But the front and rear wings are white, even though Santander’s corporate colours are white text on a red background. I’ve contacted Ferrari to find out […]

YouTube starts broadcasting live sport, but will F1 ever get on board?

YouTube has signed its first deal to broadcast sport live on the internet. Its contract with the Indian Premier League has surprised media analysts because it allows YouTube to stream live coverage in every country including those where TV deals for the IPL are already in place (apart from the USA). F1 rights holders FOA […]

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