F1 Fanatic round-up: 17/1/2010

We’re eight weeks away from the first race of the year at Bahrain. Here’s today’s F1 Fanatic round-up: Links No ??equalising?? of engines for 2010 (James Allen) “After extensive discussions got nowhere, the FIA is believed to have ruled that the engines will stay as they are with no re-tuning.” M I G BANK – […]

Great F1 cars: Williams-Renault FW14B

The Williams-Renault FW14B is featured at this year’s Autosport International show as one of the great racing cars of the last six decades. The FW14B was such a leap forward for the team in 1992 it was able to delay the introduction of its successor and still win races by whole minutes. It was probably […]

Martin Donnelly with his Lotus 102

Martin Donnelly on the crash that almost killed him

F1 history

Whn Martin Donnelly’s Lotus 102 speared off into the Jerez barriers at 140mph it exploded into pieces. Donnelly was thrown across the track with his seat still strapped to his back.

Great F1 cars of the last six decades: Lotus 72 (Autosport International)

The Lotus 72 is featured at this year’s Autosport International show as one of the great racing cars of the last six decades. Although 40 years have passed since the 72 first appeared its designer faced much the same challenges the likes of Adrian Newey do today: like how to make the car work on […]

F1 cars at Autosport International 2010

Autosport International opens to the public today. F1 fans heading there will find the usual collection of contemporary F1 cars plus some older machines including quite a few classic Lotuses. For those of you not able to make it there, here’s a peek at what’s on show:

F1 Fanatic round-up: 16/1/2010

I’m back from Autosport International with a few hundred of pictures, a couple of hours stored on my dictaphone and a pad full of notes. Among the articles coming up are my experience of trying the Cruden Hexatech simulator used by F1 teams, a chat with Martin Donnelly about the Lotus 102 in which he […]

Massa second in Ferrari ice kart race as Alonso crashes (Pictures and video)


Ferrari finished off its pre-season festivities with a kart race featuring both its 2010 race drivers. Felipe Massa was unable to repeat his 2009 victory but he fared better than new team mate Fernando Alonso who crashed on the penultimate lap of the race. See video and pictures from the race and the rest of […]

Fernando Alonso’s new helmet for 2010

Fernando Alonso sported what looks like an updated helmet design for 2010 at Ferrari’s media event today. The design features his usual blue and yellow – a nod to his home city Oviedo – mixed with Ferrari red and, of course, the team’s sponsors’ logos. Here’s another angle on the design (taken while he gets […]

Manor GP3 driver to get Virgin F1 test

Manor Motorsport has announced it will run a GP3 team in 2010 – and the its top driver will get a test with the new Virgin F1 team. The two teams will be run from the same base and Manor’s GP3 outfit will form part of Virgin’s driver development programme. They will have access to […]

Adrian Newey says banning double diffusers won’t help overtaking

Red Bull designer and top F1 aerodynamicist Adrian Newey believes the proposed ban on double diffusers in 2011 won’t make it easier for F1 cars to overtake. Speaking at the Watkins Lecture at Autosport International he said: I don’t think [double diffusers] affected the overtaking. It gave us more downforce and made the cars about […]

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