Safety car plays into McLaren’s hands in Valencia (McLaren race review)


McLaren may not have won the European Grand Prix but they scored more points than anyone else and extended their lead in the constructors’ championship. The safety car appearance worked out particularly well for Jenson Button, putting him on the podium. But Lewis Hamilton was fortunate to keep second place after his drive-through penalty.

Montezemolo expects FIA reaction


Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo said he expects the FIA to analyse the circumstances of yesterday’s European Grand Prix. Ferrari expressed outrage yesterday that Lewis Hamilton was able to finish second in the race after taking a drive-through penalty for overtaking the safety car, while their drivers finished lower down the field after staying behind … Continue reading Montezemolo expects FIA reaction

Bad luck and bad tempers at Ferrari after European GP (Ferrari race review)


Ferrari were very unlucky with the timing of the safety car in the European Grand Prix. Seeing one of their principal rivals avoid the same misfortune by illegally overtaking the safety car prompted howls of criticism from the team, calling the result “a scandal” and claiming Formula 1 “could lose some credibility”. Four points for … Continue reading Bad luck and bad tempers at Ferrari after European GP (Ferrari race review)