McLaren drivers get new race engineers

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button will both have new race engineers this year as McLaren makes changes to its race team. Phil Prew, who was Hamilton’s race engineer last year, will move into the new role of principal race engineer. Managing director Jonathan Neale explained how the position will work: He?ll travel to every race […]

Michael Schumacher’s three-day GP2 test ‘to develop new components’

Michael Schumacher will get an early start on his preparations for the 2010 F1 season tomorrow when he gets behind the wheel of a GP2 car for a three-day test at Jerez in Spain. The test has been approved by the FIA, the F1 testing committee and GP2 – and series organiser Bruno Michel stressed […]

Will F1 cars lap quicker in 2010?

Thanks to safety rules and cost cutting F1 is far from being the unfettered pursuit of raw speed it used to be. But it never fails to impress me how cunning designers keep coming up with ways to wriggle free from the constraints of the rule book and build F1 cars which are just a […]

F1 Fanatic round-up: 11/1/2010

There’s been some speculation about whether USF1 will be on the grid for the first race of the year but the team have now refuted it. More news from them in the links below. If you’re in London today Lewis Hamilton is doing a promotional event for sponsor Santander though it’s not clear exactly where […]

Adrian Sutil says F1 is losing its thrill because the tracks are “too safe”

Adrian Sutil has given a frank assessment of the newest track on the F1 calendar, telling the Times of India the circuit was safe but “boring”: Abu Dhabi was one of the most perfect circuits I have driven on, and the most boring as well.It was just straight and really, really boring. But I probably […]

The F1 comeback Schumacher won’t want to emulate: Alan Jones

F1 comebacks: they can go well – like the one we looked at yesterday – and they can go badly wrong. Alan Jones isn’t the only F1 champion who’s comeback didn’t go quite according to plan – but few drivers made two attempts at coming back to the sport. Here’s two ways Michael Schumacher will […]

F1 Fanatic round-up: 10/1/2010

It’s Sunday and I’m happy because today I have an excuse to put a picture of a 1980s F1 car on the home page. That’s coming up a little later – for now here’s the daily round-up: Links New Lotus F1 driver Heikki Kovalainen preparing for the season (Video) Heikki Kovalainen gives a video interview […]

USF1 car undergoes crash test (Video)


There’s been some speculation about how far along USF1 are with their F1 project. A new video released by the team today showing their car’s nose structure undergoing crash testing may help address those concerns. The team revealed the crash test took place last week, but it’s likely most of the existing teams had crash-tested […]

Buemi to drive Red Bull F1 car on ice

Red Bull are planning to celebrate the return of the Canadian Grand Prix to the F1 calendar with a special event in Montreal. Toro Rosso driver Sebastien Buemi will drive one of their F1 cars on a specially-constructed ice circuit by the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. The event will take place at the Olympic Basin at […]

The F1 comeback Schumacher will want to emulate: Niki Lauda

One of the off-season’s most tantalising questions is how Michael Schumacher will fare on his F1 return. Other F1 world champions have made comebacks from retirement before him. Alan Jones did it twice, though with little success on either occasion. And Alain Prost did too though that was a pre-planned return from a sabbatical. Schumacher’s […]

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