NASCAR feels the Michael Schumacher effect thanks to Jimmie Johnson

Domination by one driver was the name of the game in F1 in the first half of the decade. Michael Schumacher and Ferrari swept all before them as he won five consecutive drivers’ championships. But that sort of thing doesn’t happen in NASCAR, where every race is decided by a slipstreaming battle to the chequered […]

F1 links: A way in for Qadbak?

Busy times ahead in Paris (Autosport Plus – sub. req.) "Allegedly only 12 teams have to date signed the Resource Restriction Agreement, which is, in turn, a requirement of the Concorde Agreement, and therefore a condition of 2010 (and beyond) entry. According to a source well-versed with matters Concorde, the Article referring to entries states […]

Monaco moved earlier on 2010 F1 calendar

As had been widely expected the 2010 Monaco Grand Prix has been moved forward a week to go back-to-back with the Spanish Grand Prix. This spares the teams the difficulty of completing the move from Monaco to Turkey in seven days. The latest version of the 2010 F1 calendar published by the FIA today shows […]

Did Honda throw a championship away?

The remarkable story of Brawn has generated many column inches since the team won both championships on Sunday. But the flip side to the story is whether Honda’s decision to sell the team ten months ago must now be considered one of F1’s greatest blunders.

Button’s championship win in pictures


It was a 17-race season – but Jenson Button needed only 16 of them to claim the championship crown. From the Silverstone shakedown where the Brawn GP car broke cover, to the first win in Melbourne which soon became a familiar sight, to the difficult second half of the season, take a look back at […]

F1 links: No F1 debut for Loeb

Loeb will not make F1 debut in Abu Dhabi (James Allen) "According to colleagues in the French media, Loeb has not been able to get a superlicence and so cannot race." Tip of the hat to Andy who made that very point in the comments here two weeks ago. The remarkable story of Brawn GP […]

The F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship goes down to the final round

SaloolaS remains the favourite to win the inaugural F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship with a 25-point lead heading into the final round. Richard Evans and Dank are now in a tie for second place with Dougie and Theo joint fourth. Here are the standings in full.

2009 Brazilian Grand Prix – the complete F1 Fanatic review

Interlagos gave us another cracking Brazilian Grand Prix. Here’s F1 Fanatic’s complete coverage of the race weekend which saw Jenson Button and Brawn capture their first world championships.

Kobayashi and Sutil spark complaints over driving standards after crashes

Adrian Sutil and Kamui Kobayashi faced the wrath of their rivals after the Brazilian Grand Prix after two crashes which eliminated a total of four cars. Jenson Button was among the drivers to voice his complaints about rookie Kobayashi’s driving. And Jarno Trulli was handed a fine after arguing with Sutil at the side of […]

F1 links: Williams-Cosworth deal mooted

Amid all the excitement over the new champions, an important development for next year’s season is in the works. Williams are now expected to use Cosworth engines and the company will be able to re-tune them before the season starts to make them competitive… Williams to use Cosworth engines in 2010 (Autosport) "With Toyota already […]

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