Jarno Trulli’s F1 career in video (part 2)


One of the more popular terms used in F1 nowadays is the ‘Trulli Train’. While Trulli is known for his defensive prowess, he’s also a qualifying expert and unbelievably quick on a low fuel load. His years with Renault and Toyota have seen him more at the front than in the past.

Ferrari are wrong to oppose new teams

As has been widely reported, Ferrari have lost their case against the FIA in France but vowed to continue fighting their corner. It remains to be seen whether the other F1 teams will continue to back Ferrari or take this as their cue to either make peace with Mosley or exit the sport. Ferrari also […]

F1 links: Ferrari loses FIA court case

Here’s a round-up of F1 news and other interesting links I’ve found today. If you’ve spotted a hot news story, interesting new website or just something funny from the world of F1, please share your links in the comments below. Ferrari slams quality of new teams "Shortly prior to finding out that it had lost […]

Williams to replace Rosberg for 2010?

Dissatisfaction in the Williams team with their start to the season has become focused on the performance of lead driver Nico Rosberg. That the merest hint of criticism of Rosberg was allowed to creep into the team?s official press release after the Spanish Grand Prix hints at the depth of the team?s concerns. Patrick Head […]

Jarno Trulli’s F1 career in video (part 1)


F1 Fanatic guest writer Journeyer looks back on the F1 career of Toyota’s Jarno Trulli. The Monaco Grand Prix has given lots of people a day in the spotlight lately – they’ve had 7 different winners in the past 8 years. One of them was Jarno Trulli. While his win here in 2004 has been […]

Monaco Grand Prix live blogs

With Monaco Grand Prix practice starting on Thursday we’ll be live blogging earlier than usual this week. Join us here for live blogging during all five sessions of the Monaco Grand Prix at the times below. We’re also looking for people to help moderate the live blogs. If you’d like to help out please leave […]

Ferrari to present case against FIA

As revealed on Friday, Ferrari today are attempting to prosecute the FIA in the French courts for, they claim, breaking the terms of their now-infamous 2005 agreement. The outcome of the trial could be crucial for the future of the sport, but most likely it will prove just another chapter in the latest F1 row […]

“What’s the point of Formula One?” – Radio 4 programme featuring me today

A few weeks ago I mentioned I was being interviewed for a Radio 4 programme called “What?s the point of Formula 1?”. The finished show airs today. You can catch the half-hour show on Radio 4 at 9am and 9.30pm, and after that it should be available on BBC iPlayer for a week. As far […]

F1 links: USF1 not sure about budget cap

Q & A with USF1’s Ken Anderson Interestingly he doesn't confirm they would use the budget cap. Racing Engineering hoping to enter F1 in 2011 "One of the GP2 teams showing its interest to move up one level is Racing Engineering, owned by Spanish business man Alfonso de Orleans." Williams wants established drivers Patrick Head: […]

Monaco Grand Prix weather forecast

The Monaco Grand Prix weather forecast indicates we’re not going to have a repeat of last year’s heavy rain this time. Meteo France, official suppliers of weather forecasts to the F1 teams, predicts three days of dry running, though Saturday and Sunday will be cloudy. The European weather rainfall radar shows no signs of rain […]