Ari Vatanen: The man who would challenge Max Mosley (Video)

Ari Vatanen has declared he will stand for election as president of the FIA in the October elections. Vatanen is well-known to motor racing fans having been a world rally champion and survived a serious crash in 1985. But his subsequent political career and passion for improving road safety also mark him out as a […]

Predict the German Grand Prix winner

With the balance of power between the top teams less clear than it was a few weeks ago, and rain threatening for the German Grand Prix, this weekend’s predictions challenge could be one of the trickiest we’ve had this year. Can you name the pole sitter and top three in the Grand Prix correctly? Join […]

Special helmets for Glock and Heidfeld (Update: And Vettel’s got one too!)

Two of this weekend’s five home drivers – Timo Glock and Nick Heidfeld – are using special helmet designs created by fans in separate competitions. Here’s a look at the designs.

Timo Glock on the Nurburgring (video)


Here’s a look ahead to the German Grand Prix with Toyota’s Timo Glock. He drives the Nurburgring in a Lexus IS-F and answers some fans’ question (while, for reasons that aren’t explained, driving a race simulator of a track that doesn’t look much like the N???rburgirng. Can anyone tell what it is?)

The one-off Grand Prix tracks

Fuji Speedway is to disappear from the F1 calendar once again. Despite a multi-million pounds upgrade ahead of its reintroduction in 2007, its return last a mere two races. But there are venues whose acquaintance with F1 was even more fleeting. Ten tracks held just a single race each and do not look likely to […]

F1 links: Walker criticises Mosley

Here’s a round-up of F1 news and other interesting links I’ve found today. If you’ve spotted a hot news story, interesting new website or just something funny from the world of F1, please share your links in the comments below. Ferrari or bust, says GP chief Australian Grand Prix organiser Ron Walker: "In my view […]

Schumacher on fitness and rivals (video)

Shell and Ferrari have put out this short video interview with Michael Schumacher ahead of this weekend’s German Grand Prix. Schumacher talks about how punishing his F1 fitness regime was, which were his favourite tracks – and the rival he rated above all the others. Not as much fun as his appearance on Top Gear, […]

Nick Heidfeld’s career in video (part 2)


The early part of Nick Heidfeld’s F1 career was respectable, if unremarkable. But by the end of 2003 he was at something of a dead end, and found himself at Jordan, a team that was on its last legs. Despite that, he soon found himself allied to one of F1’s emerging powerhouse teams – BMW.

F1 links: FOTA criticise FIA over deal

Predictably, FOTA has reacted to Max Mosley’s attempt to undermine the June 24th deal by insisting it be honoured. I can’t imagine what other reaction Mosley might have expected from them, or what he think his options are if he fails to get the FOTA eight on board for 2010. I can only conclude he’s […]

Nick Heidfeld’s career in video (part 1)


F1 Fanatic guest writer Journeyer gets us ready for the German Grand Prix by looking back at the career of Nick Heidfeld. After a three week break, F1 is back in business at the Nurburgring. There are five German F1 drivers on the grid today, but one of them has been particularly good at this […]

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