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2009 F1 cars compared – Red Bull

Seven of the cars on the 2009 F1 grid have now been launched, with the addition of Red Bull’s RB5 which was unveiled yesterday. Given that car will likely be the same as the Toro Rosso STR4, we might as well call it eight, with potentially only Force India left to show off their new […]

USF1: why it just might work

The reports that a new American team called USF1 could enter F1 in 2010 have been met with a largely enthusiastic reaction. But the hope that F1 might get a new team soon and that it could come from a country where Formula 1 has struggled to gain national attention is tempered with a degree […]

F1 links: More on the RB5 – and Renault

Red Bull RB5: in interesting take on the rules “From all launched cars, the RB5 is without doubt the most interesting.” Another Sponsor in Total “On the day the covers came off Red Bull Racing?s 2009 Formula One car, the RB5, we are pleased to announce Total is joining as a Team Supplier.” Presumably because […]

2009 F1 testing: February 10th (Update: video and pictures added)

Now the run-up to the 2009 F1 season really gets under way, with major tests on three of the next four weeks. After the launch of Red Bull’s RB5 yesterday there are now seven new F1 cars in action. The first of those starts today with F1 teams running in Jerez and Bahrain. Follow today’s […]

Williams FW31 new livery spied have a picture of what appears to be a revised version of the Williams FW31’s livery. The car was launched three weeks ago with what Williams dubbed an ‘interim’ colour scheme. The version shown above is much more similar to the one they used in 2008. But I still the interim one looks better:

Red Bull RB5 officially revealed

F1 pictures Pictures

The Red Bull RB5 broke cover today – it’s the seventh 2009 F1 car to be revealed. Here are pictures of the RB5.

F1 people on Twitter

Update: See here for a bigger list of F1 drivers and other people on Twitter: F1 Twitter directory I’ve been using Twitter to talk to other F1 fans for a few months now but it really seems to have taken off in popularity over the past few weeks. If you’re just getting started using Twitter […]

Drivers expose holes in FIA budget

The statement issued by the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association criticising Max Mosley’s demand for them to pay more money for their superlicences has been derided by some as an unwise move. The thinking being that no-one is going to stick up of for superstars earning millions of dollars complaining about a comparatively small increase in […]

Max Mosley and the art of distraction

Steven Roy reckons the fuss over ‘medals’ is just a big distraction: I have come to the conclusion that it is a grand deception. There is a technique in business where you take a small problem and make it a big problem. Then solve the big problem using the extra resources you have been given […]

Red Bull RB5 sneak preview in video

Red Bull’s RB5 won’t be launched until Monday but a video released today hints at what we can expect from their 2009 F1 car.