Nelson Piquet Jnr, Renault, Singapore, 2008

Fernando Alonso should renounce his Singapore Grand Prix ‘win’


A two-times F1 world champion like Fernando Alonso has no need of tainted triumphs handed to him in a corrupt fashion.

F1 links: (Mostly) non-Renault news

OK, so there’s only one big F1 story right now. But there are some other interesting developments going on and other articles reading. Here’s a quick round-up from me, as usual please post yours below: Merc SLS debuts with help from Hamilton (Auto Trader) But would he rather have an SLS or an MP4-12C? And […]

David Richards to take over at Renault?

Much of the reaction to the departures of Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds from Renault have so far been focussed on what it says about the Singaproe crash scandal. But the sudden loss of the managing director and director of engineering means the team are faced with a serious operational problem – assuming, of course, […]

Briatore and Symonds step down as Renault accepts Singapore crash charge

2009 F1 season

The Renault F1 team has confirmed it will not contest the FIA’s charges against the team over the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix.

How many F1 teams will race in 2010?

Following yesterday’s developments it now looks like there could be as many as 14 teams racing in F1 in 2010. It would be fabulous to see 28-car Formula 1 grids, but is it really likely? I’m not sure.

Leaders tied in predictions championship

Year-long F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship leaders Dougie and SaloolaS are all-square on 205 points each with four rounds remaining. But Saloolas will be cursing Lewis Hamilton for his last-lap crash at Monza: it promoted Kimi Raikkonen to third place, matching Dougie’s prediction…

Should the FIA have offered Pat Symonds immunity – and will he take it?

A surprising and quite telling development in the FIA’s investigation into the Renault Singapore crash came today as the governing body extended its offer of immunity to Pat Symonds. The clear implication is the FIA believe Symonds know more than he has told them so far – and suspicion will inevitably fall on the next […]

Model hints at 2010 colour scheme for 1Malaysia / Lotus F1 car

The FIA announced today that Lotus will get the final place on the 2010 F1 grid. The Malaysian government has backed the bid and the entry was made by a company called “1Malaysia F1 Team”. 1Malaysia is an initiative of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, intended to promote unity among Malaysians. This brightly-coloured car […]

F1 links: Lotus gets 2010 slot, Symonds gets immunity

Two big developments in the F1 news already today: Symonds offered race-fix immunity "The development comes on the back of interviews between Symonds, FIA representatives and members from the Quest agency at the Belgian Grand Prix where it was deemed his evidence was 'central' to finding answers to what happened in Singapore." FIA going after […]

How Barrichello won and what happened to Grosjean (Italian Grand Prix analysis)

A one-stop strategy worked wonders for Rubens Barrichello in the Italian Grand Prix. That, and an excellent qualifying performance against his team mate. Meanwhile Romain Grosjean had an off-track adventure that seemed to go unnoticed by the TV cameras. This and more in the Italian Grand Prix analysis.

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