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Ferrari F2009 launch – what we know

Ferrari launches its 2009 F1 car, likely to be called the F2009, in Mugello later on today. Here’s what we already know about the car which Ferrari will defend their back-to-back 2007 and 2008 constructors’ championship titles with, and the state of the team going into 2009.

F1 links: Davidson was set for Honda

David Coulthard exclusive "We’re seeing a vast change in the regulations. The last time we had such a big change was 1998 when we went to narrow track cars with the grooved tyres and it was Adrian Newey’s design team that stole the march on the new regs back then so this could well be […]

KERS explained: how a mechanical Kinetic Energy Recovery System works

Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems are one of the big talking points off the off-season, as F1 teams weigh up whether to use them on their 2009 F1 cars. KERS builders Flybrid Systems demonstrated a working Formula 1-spec device at the Autosport International show. I had a chat with managing partner Jon Hilton who talked me […]

Ron Dennis 2007

Ron Dennis on how the Hamilton-Alonso row compared to Senna and Prost

2009 F1 season

McLaren boss Ron Dennis gave the annual Watkins lecture at Autosport International yesterday. He was interviewed at length by veteran commentator Murray Walker for around an hour. One of the most interesting moments came when he discussed how he managed the rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso in 2007, and how it compared to […]

More Formula 1 car pictures (Autosport International 2009)


Here’s my final collection of F1 car pictures from Autosport International. They include Tyrrells, Arrows and others in contemporary or modern F1 liveries. But which car is this (above) in an entirely different paint job to the one it originally ran in? Answer below…

Donington Park boss Simon Gillett on building the new British Grand Prix circuit

Simon Gillett was looking slightly the worse for wear when I met him at Autosport International this morning. He had a reason to be, as he celebrated Donington Park winning approval for its development work in order to hold the 2010 British Grand Prix. Nevertheless he was happy toi spend a half hour answering questions […]

Lotus Formula 1 cars in pictures (Autosport International 2009)


The car in which Ayrton Senna scored his first Grand Prix victory was one of four Lotuses on display at Autosport International. Senna won the 1985 Portuguese Grand Prix in the Renault turbo-powered 97T. One of the revolutionary 49s was also on display. This car introduced the Cosworth DFV power plant and the concept of […]

The 2008 Formula 1 grid in pictures (Autosport International 2009)


Another of the F1 car displays at Autosport International is the traditional grid of F1 cars. But, as Brendan pointed out yesterday, few of them are actually 2008 models. Can you spot which ones are? See the pictures below.

Sebastien Buemi confirmed as Toro Rosso driver for 2009

Sebastien Buemi’s move to Toro Rosso has been predicted for months so it doesn’t come as any great surprise to hear he’s been confirmed today. Buemi, aged 20, is Switzerland’s first F1 driver since Jean-Denis Deletraz finished 15th at the Nurburgring in 1995.

Exclusive interview: Pedro de la Rosa on F1 2009 and Motorland Aragon

Turns eight and nine are like the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca, it’s quite steep. But for me that is the beauty of it, you know? What’s the point of racing on completely flat tracks? I like Pedro de la Rosa. Here’s what he had to say about Hermann Tilke’s new Motorland Aragon circuit, whether the […]