F1 links: Belgian GP under-sold

Wanted: 24.000 F1 fans for Spa-Francorchamps "The organisers of the Belgian Grand Prix at the historic Spa-Francorchamps circuit have only sold 46.000 tickets for this weekend's race. To break-even, they have to sell no less than 70.000, so, only days before the weekend, the organisers of the event are hoping to find 24.000 fans to […]

Williams competition winners

The “Williams” book competition was by far the most popular on the site this year and attracted entries from around the globe. Congratulations to the following ten people who each win a copy of “Williams” by Maurice Hamilton. Williams competition winners Barry Cosgrave British Columbia, Canada Myles Woerner Chicago, USA Andrew Lynn Hampshire, UK Jasen […]

Rosberg knows Spa blindfolded (almost)

Here’s an amusing video of Nico Rosberg tracing a lap of Spa-Francorchamps while blindfolded. He reckons Eau Rouge is definitely still flat-out, though presumably he won’t be tackling it with his eyes covered: Eau Rouge… unfortunately nowadays isn’t that difficult any more. Because of all the downforce on the car, it’s become quite easy to […]

Are you going to the Belgian GP?

Over on the ‘fans guides’ section of the website one circuit is getting far more comments than any other. At the time of writing there are well over 500 comments from people who have been to, or are going to, Spa-Francorchamps. So just how many F1 Fanatic readers are heading out to the circuit this […]

Red Bull aiming to strike back at Spa (Belgian Grand Prix preview)

Racing on Valencia’s uninteresting point-and-squirt street circuit one weekend, and the majestic sweeps and crests of Spa-Francorchamps the next, is swapping the ridiculous for the sublime. Many driver name Spa as their favourite because it allows them to explore the limits of their machines and themselves. With the possibility of rain thrown into the mix, […]

Low-scoring round closes up the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship

Rubens Barrichello’s win at Valencia came as something of a surprise to F1 Fanatic readers. Only eight people predicted it – they were kemsoudeska, 1994fanatic, Rob Wilson, Tengil, Nano Rock, Net Sticks, INS and GST. At the top of the table, SaloolaS’s lead over Dougie is down to just five points once again. Here are […]

McLaren and Ferrari join the title battle

In the last three races McLaren and Ferrari, the slumbering giants of F1 in 2009, have re-awoken and returned to the sharp end of the field. They might not be likely to win either of the titles this year, but how their drivers fare in the last six rounds of the championship could well decide […]

Softer tyres to liven up season finale

Bridgestone has revealed which tyres the teams will be allowed to use in the final four races of the season. It’s one of those decisions that might not grab headlines, but could have a huge bearing on who wins this year’s titles. The soft and super-soft tyres being brought to the Japanese and Brazilian races […]

F1 links: Davidson on the driver market

Here’s a round-up of F1 news and other interesting links I’ve found today. If you’ve spotted a hot news story, interesting new website or just something funny from the world of F1, please share your links in the comments below. Davidson: I’ve got unfinished business in F1 "There are a lot of drivers out there […]

Red Bull face Vettel engine dilemma

Sebastian Vettel is set to become the first victim of F1’s new engine penalty rules. With six races left to run, only two of the eight units he started with are unused. As engines rarely complete more than two races, and his remaining Renaults will have to cope with the high-revving challenges of Spa and […]

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