F1 links: Jean Todt leaves Ferrari

Todt and Ferrari part company "Todt’s ‘win at all costs mentality’ aligned with Schumacher’s and this led to some of the most controversial moments in recent F1 history, the ultimate being the decision to switch Barrichello and Schumacher so that the latter could win the Austrian Grand Prix of 2002, a move which led to […]

Which new rules will improve F1? (Poll)

A host of new F1 rules have been announced today. They include having the championship being decided by wins, changes to F1 publicity (including revealing qualifying fuel strategies) and a budget-capping provision. Which of these new rules do you think will improve F1? You can vote for more than one in this poll:

Budget caps for F1 in 2010

F1 teams will be allowed to run to different technical regulations if they agree to limit their budgets to ??30m (??33m / $42m) under new rules put forward by the World Motor Sports Council today. According to the FIA: This figure will cover all expenditure of any kind. Anything subsidised or supplied free will be […]

Qualifying fuel strategies to be revealed

Among the World Motor Sports Councils decisions for the 2009 F1 season are a series of measured aimed at improving media coverage of the sport. Most important of these is the news that the weight of every car will be published after qualifying. This will allow fans to know whether drivers in the top ten […]

F1 2009: the drivers

The 2009 F1 grid is remarkably unchanged compared to how the drivers lined up in 2008. Eight of the ten teams boast the same driver pairings as they did last year. How will those ten partnerships fare in 2008?

F1 to use ‘medals’ system in 2009

The FIA has surprisingly announced it will introduce a variant of the medals system proposed by Bernie Ecclestone in 2009. This comes despite the F1 teams association recommending a change to the points system which it claimed had the support of fans. However the FIA will retain points to decide the other championship positions.

F1 points and costs on WMSC agenda

The World Motor Sports Council meets today and will consider, among other things, FOTA’s proposal to increase the number of points scored by the winner in F1 races to 12. Plans to further reduce F1 costs will also be considered. But which proposals will get the FIA’s stamp of approval?

2009 F1 testing: March 17th

F1 testing continues at Jerez today with McLaren, Renault, Williams and Brawn GP still at work at the track. Renault were quickest yesterday with Fernando Alonso at the wheel. Will Nelson Piquet Jnr be able to replicate his team mate’s pace today?

F1 links: Quick fix for McLaren?

Mark Hughes on McLaren's problems "It is probably a problem that can be switched off relatively easily – but only once it’s been identified." From where McLaren are at the moment that sounds very optimistic. The Top 10 Most Futile Formula 1 Teams of All-Time Teams with the most starts yet zero wins. Apologies and […]

Flins-Mureaux: France’s Tilke-free track

New details about France’s potential new F1 track have emerged at Grandprix.com. It’s being built without the aid of Hermann Tilke, who has had something of a monopoly of F1 circuit design for more than a decade.