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How the BBC’s F1 intro should look


When BBC screen their first live F1 race in 13 years next March, what should the intro look like? Here’s an exceptionally good vision of it posted on Youtube by Roadworks TV – and yes, they have used The Chain…

BMW F1 cars in pictures, 2006-2008


I’ve put some more work into extending the F1 cars picture archive, adding images of the first three BMW F1 cars. Some of the interesting things you can see in the pictures include: The ‘tower wings’ used in ther 2006 French Grand Prix, which were banned shortly after The increasing aerodynamic complexity of the 2006 […]

F1 links: Massa’s charity and Mirko Bortolotti

Lewis Hamilton cheated out of Belgium win, says Murray Walker Murray Walker: "I would like to see people experienced in a Formula One car working as stewards. I think there is no doubt that the stewards cheated Lewis Hamilton out of a justified victory [in Belgium]. In principle, I think that is obviously wrong – […]

Codemasters barred from creating blog about their F1 game

There’s a huge appetite for Codemasters’ forthcoming F1 game and loads of people looking for information about it. But Codemasters’ plans to create a blog about the 2009 title has been quashed. What’s going on?

The championship droughts of Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Benetton/Renault

Lewis Hamilton has become the first McLaren driver to claim the world championship since Mika Hakkinen nine years ago. With that in mind, Lustigson suggested an article looking at the longest droughts suffered by championship-winning teams. Ferrari went 21 years between drivers’ champions from 1979 (Jody Scheckter) to 2000 (Michael Schumacher) – and that’s not […]

F1 links: Scatter your ashes at Catalunya

Have Your Ashes Scattered at the Catalunya GP Looking for a novel way to dispel of yourself after the inevitable happens? Why not have your ashes scattered at the Circuit de Catalunya? It doesn't appeal to me, besides, we don't want the track getting dusty off-line. On E.J. Viso and Robert Doornbos "E.J. Viso sent […]

Robert Kubica voted 2008 F1 driver of the year by F1 Fanatic readers

Over 1,400 of you voted in the poll to decide the best Formula 1 driver of 2008. World champion Lewis Hamilton led the voting early on but it was Robert Kubica who came out on top with 40% of the vote. Here are the results in full.

Five more great tracks F1 should visit

The Potrero de los Funes track in Argentina got a big thumbs up from everyone when I suggested it as a potential new venue for Formula 1. What other circuits are out there that F1 is yet to visit that would make great additions to the calendar? Here’s five suggestions of mine, post your favourites […]

“Bernie Ecclestone: King of Sport”

“Bernie Ecclestone: King of Sport” is a revised and updated version of Terry Lovell’s biography of the man who has single-handedly shaped Formula 1 over the past three decades and more. Scarcely a week passes without us discussing Ecclestone’ latest move, whether it’s the dropping of a well-loved track from the F1 calendar, a new […]

F1 links: On emissions and San Luis

What’s the carbon footprint of a Formula One (F1) car? "Over a race season using approx 100,000 litres of the stuff, that’s 231 tonnes of CO2. Per car. And each team has 2." Cry for Me, Argentina "We are stuck with the F1 that Max and Bernie choose to present to us and we will […]