Domenicali criticises 2009 rules (Video)


Ferrari’s Stefano Domenicali believe the 2009 technical rules haven’t helped promote overtaking as planned. In an interview with Ferrari’s fuel partner Shell (above) Domenicali said the new rules had only changed which teams were competitive, but not improved racing: If you look at the races that objective was not really achieved, so far, at the […]

Inside the McLaren Technology Centre

Last week I had my first chance to visit the McLaren Technology Centre. I met Communications and PR head Matt Bishop (also former F1 Racing editor) for lunch and a tour of the factory – he pointed out some of its most extraordinary features and little-known facts.

Your questions: crashed Ferrari, The Stig and a bridge that fell on a track

Did terrorists blow up a bridge at a Grand Prix in the 1960s? Why did an old Ferrari F1 car snap in half? And where does ‘The Stig’ get its name from? Answers to these and more of your questions below.

F1 links: Upgraded helmet for Schumacher

Schumacher to race with updated Schuberth helmet "After Felipe Massa's accident at the Hungarian GP, helmet manufacturer Schuberth has updated its helmet for use in Formula One." Schumacher gets £12,000 crash helmet "It is amazing, scanning the German and Italian media at the moment. It’s as if the clock was rolled back and it was […]

One final spot left on the 2010 F1 grid – who could get it and who won’t

All the active F1 teams bar BMW have signed the Concorde Agreement committing them to F1 until the end of 2012. But with BMW withdrawing their team next year, and former team owner Peter Sauber unable to complete a takeover bid before the deadline for signing the Concorde Agreement, there are doubts over whether the […]

Kubica and Alguersuari enter kart final

Robert Kubica and Jaime Alguersuari are on the entry list for the 2009 CIK-FIA KZ1 karting world cup at Sarno in Italy next month. Kubica is entering is his own kart but according to Mary-Ann Horley of Kartlink he has had difficulties in testing: What I’ve heard from testing is that Kubica was having carb […]

F1 links: Alonso to race in Valencia?

Fernando Alonso ‘will get OK for Valencia’ Grand Prix "Circuit boss Carlos Moreno Figueroa said: 'We're being told by every side he'll be here.'" Santander, Alonso and Ferrari "Santander was keen to join the party with Alonso and so a deal was agreed that will begin in 2010 and will provide Santander with significant badging […]

Button, Vettel, Webber, Barrichello: one of these men will be champion (Poll)

With Felipe Massa’s crash, Michael Schumacher’s return, BMW quitting the sport and a new FIA president about to be elected, I have a nagging feeling I may have overlooked something… Oh yeah, there’s a drivers’ championship to be won. Jenson Button may have an 18.5 points lead over Mark Webber, but his car no longer […]

YouTube and Best Buy to sponsor USF1?

YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley is one of the investors behind America’s new F1 team for 2010, USF1. Hurley co-founded YouTube with Steve Chen and Jawed Karim in 2005 and the trio made $1.65bn when they sold the site to Google in November 2006. Another American company, Best Buy, is looking to get involved in the […]

F1 links: No BMW buyer yet

Statement BMW Motorsport Director Mario Theissen BMW has not been able to arrange the sale of its F1 team in time for the new owners to sign the Concorde Agreement. FOTA welcomes Concorde Agreement and looks to the future "Signed by all Formula One teams, with the only exception of BMW-Sauber AG, the FIA, and […]

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