2009 F1 testing notes: January 22nd (Update: new video and pictures added)

Testing for the 2009 F1 season continues at three different venues today in Italy, Spain and Portugal. Heikki Kovalainen and Kazuki Nakajima are among the drivers getting their first taste of 2009 F1 cars. Ferrari and BMW are still testing on their own but yesterday we saw the first side-by-side test of 2009-specification cars in […]

Should KERS be put back to 2010? (Poll)

BMW is under pressure to abandon its opposition to a delay on the introduction of Kinetic Energy Reduction Systems (KERS). Luca di Montezemolo, Flavio Briatore and John Howett representing Ferrari, Renault and Toyota have all spoken in favour of postponing the introduction of KERS until 2010.

F1 links: RBS boss and the FIA rumour

Is Sir Fred Goodwin revving up for a new start? “Whispers north of the border suggest Sir Fred has been sounded out over a role in Formula One, possibly in a post-Max Mosley world.” Yes that’s the same Sir Fred Goodwin of RBS who was being slagged off in the papers yesterday. Raikkonen happy with […]

BMW F1.09 launch videos

Here’s a selection of videos from BMW’s F1.09 launch yesterday. The first video shows the new car on track at the Circuito Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, Spain: More videos from BMW’s F1.09 launch below.

KERS and the argument over costs

Bernie Ecclestone has changed his approach in his ongoing row with the Formula 1 Teams’ Assoication over the distribution of money in F1. When Ferrari and FOTA boss Luca di Montezemolo first pressed Ecclestone to incresae the share of money the teams received, Ecclestone’s response was to try to embarrass Montezemolo by publicly reminding him […]

2009 F1 testing notes: January 21st (Update: video and pictures added)

Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso are among the F1 drivers testing today. See below for more information on today’s F1 tests and share your thoughts on testing as it progresses throughout the day. Update: Video and pictures from today’s test added.

1968 South African Grand Prix flashback

F1 Fanatic guest writer Andrew Tsvyk looks back at a time when the F1 season started on January 1st.

F1 links: New technical rules analysed

The 2009 Technical Regulations Analysed ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ Part 1 Changes To The 2009 Technical Regulations (Part 2) Alianora begins a huge dissection of the 2009 F1 rules – essential reading. It was the biggest challenge since 1982 – Symonds “It?σΤιΌΤδσs more extreme than the changes we made in 1994, when we added the plank and cut […]

2009 F1 car comparisons: BMW

BMW’s F1.09 is the last new F1 car we’ll see this month. Here’s a look at the car BMW hope to challenge for the championships with up alongside the other 2009 models.

2009 F1 testing notes: January 20th (pictures and video)

The same six teams were in action today as yesterday, plus BMW who shook down their new F1.09 at Valencia in Spain. Here’s a recap of the day’s activity plus pictures from the 2009 tests so far. Update: video from the test added below.