F1 links: More on the Ferrari feud

F1 can live without Ferrari, says Mosley Max Mosley: “The sport could survive without Ferrari. It would be very, very sad to lose Ferrari. It is the Italian national team.” Gillett banking on the best of British “I understand that. The best way to fund my business, I’ve found, is to get a pound from […]

Your pictures: Malaysian Grand Prix


Guio Oblepias was at the Malaysian Grand Prix and, as well as getting soaked to the skin, took this brilliant collection of pictures. Have a look at them now and check out the F1 Fanatic drop.io for more…

F1 links: Ferrari vs FIA

Max Mosley on collision course with Ferrari "In a strongly worded letter to Max Mosley, the president of the FIA, which was leaked to The Times, Luca Di Montezemolo, the Ferrari president, says that caps have been foisted on teams without proper warning. Ferrari claim that the rules will cause only damage to Formula One […]

Lessons for F1 in NASCAR’s horror crash

Carl Edwards’ crash in the closing stages of last weekend’s NASCAR race at Talladega has sparked debate among racing fans: Was this just a freak accident in a championship that engineers crashes for the entertainment of its fans – or are there lessons here for Formula 1 too?

Official: Real qualifying returns in 2010

2010 F1 season

With the refuelling ban made official F1 fans can look forward to the return of proper, low-fuel qualifying in 2010.

FIA aims to get all teams to cap budgets using one-sided regulations

The publication today of the FIA’s budget cap plan for 2010 shows it intends to get every team competing under the spending limit. Rather than offering technical regulation that would allow cost-capped teams to compete on parity with the unlimited spenders, it seems to me the rules for next year would favour those sticking to […]

How new rules will change 2010 F1 cars

The FIA has announced further details of changes to F1?s technical rules for 2010. Chief among these is the widely-expected banning of refuelling and tyre warmers. The minimum weight of the cars is also being increased from 605kg to 620kg, and there are revisions to the rules governing KERS. How are these changes, together with […]

F1 links: Dave Ryan and Daimler

Never mind McLaren, does Dave Ryan deserve a life sentence? "Knowing Dave as I do I find it difficult to understand why he made that decision. You can be sure it was not for the extra few hundred thousands pounds that come with third place. Ryan has given his life to the sport and has […]

Is budget capping realistic? (Poll)

Aside from the latest McLaren drama the other major point of discussion at the FIA World Motor Sports Council has been plans to limit F1 teams’ budgets. I’ve always been sceptical about this and when we first did a poll on it here almost a year ago so were two-thirds of you. But with the […]

Does McLaren’s suspended sentence signal an end to hostilities with the FIA?

First of all, thanks to everyone who posted updates on the previous article about McLaren getting a suspended sentence following the Hamilton/Trulli controversy. (As I mentioned on Twitter earlier, I’ve been out of the country for the last two days and have only just had chance to catch up on the news.) What caught my […]

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