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Kimi Raikkonen’s qualifying problems

Kimi Raikkonen has qualified sixth for the last two Grands Prix – not a disaster by any means but it’s clearly causing problems for his championship ambitions. At both the Hockenheimring and Hungaroring he found himself stuck behind slower traffic which compromised his race performance. What’s Raikkonen’s problem and what can Ferrari do about it?

100 F1 race winners part 3: 1959-1962

Part three of our look at Formula 1’s 100 Grand Prix winners. This part looks at the careers of champions such as Jack Brabham, Phill Hill and Graham Hill.

Race Driver: GRID (Codemasters, 2008)

A while ago we speculated on what Codemasters? 2009 F1 game will be like. That article has been one of the most popular on this site in the past few days and has loads of comments with people sharing their ideas for what should be in the game. It?s clear there?s a lot of interest […]

Which rookies deserve an ’09 seat? (Poll)

As reality TV becomes ever more pervasive perhaps one day motor racing fans will get to vote drivers in and out of different championships? Maybe it’s happening already somewhere? Votes in this poll won’t decide which of the 2008 rookies get to keep their seats but let’s see who we think has done the best […]

Fernando Alonso criticises McLaren again

Fernando Alonso has sparked fresh debate about his controversial season with McLaren last year by making several critical remarks about the team in recent interviews. I think he’s starting to sound a bit like Niki Lauda and David Coulthard…

100 F1 race winners part 2: 1953-1958

The second part of the series looking at the 100 drivers to win F1 Grands Prix includes Britain’s first world champion, Mike Hawthorn. He’s one of four British drivers on this part of the list, the others being Peter Collins, Tony Brooks and Stirling Moss.

2009 F1 driver rumours: Alonso & Senna

The rumours about Fernando Alonso joining Honda appear to be gaining strength with some sources suggesting a deal has already been done. And several teams appear to be interested in signing Bruno Senna. Plus, Heikki Kovalainen was confirmed as a McLaren driver last weekend, for at least one more year, on what turned out to […]

Last-lap losers (p2/2)

Yesterday we looked at four races that ended with the leader losing the race on the last lap ?ǣ this after Felipe Massa came within three laps of winning the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend. Here are four more tales of woe involving Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Mika Hakkinen and Kimi Raikkonen.

100 F1 race winners part 1: 1950-1953

I once heard that more men had been into space than had won an F1 race and apparently it’s true. Depending on what definition of ‘space’ you use between 475 and 484 men and women have been in outer space. Last weekend Heikki Kovalainen became the 100th driver to win a Formula 1 world championship […]

Last-lap losers (p1/2)

Poor Felipe Massa. Had his Ferrari engine gone three laps further he?d be sitting on top of the drivers? championship now. Formula 1 cars may be extremely reliable nowadays but they do break down occasionally. But it’s one thing to drop out of the race in the early stages – it’s quite another when you’re […]