Ultimate F1 gifts guide: 2008 annuals & 2009 calendars

Annuals and calendars are pretty typical gifts at this time of year and as you’d expect there’s a good selection of F1 versions available. Here’s a look at which are the best.

What cars do F1 drivers use on the road?

Christopher Gleason suggested “A look at cars the driver’s love outside of work” as the topic for an article. I’ve had a scour around the internet to find out what cars F1 drivers own and here’s what I’ve found, from supercars to superminis…

Renault show visits Sao Paulo (Pictures)


Nelson Piquet Jnr appeared in Sao Paulo, Brazil to round off Renault’s series of F1 roadshows. He entertained the crowd with a demonstration in an R27. Renault’s roadshows has visited Johannesburg (South Africa), Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Kiev (Ukraine), Lisbon (Portugal) and New Delhi (India) this year. With Red Bull cutting its Red Bulletin magazine and […]

F1 links: Hamilton’s ideal circuit

Lewis Hamilton’s 180mph F1 super circuit "Lewis Hamilton has come up with his own plan for a Formula 1 ‘super circuit’. Hamilton’s F1 track vision features real-life corners taken from the world’s premier racing tracks." Senna vs. Prost "We all remember or know of the great Ayrton Senna versus Alain Prost battle of two decades […]

Ultimate F1 gifts guide 2008: Models

Whatever holiday you’re celebrating over the coming weeks make sure you – or the F1 fanatic in your life – gets the present they want. This is the first instalment in a seven-part series with hundreds of different gifts ideas for Formula fans including DVDs, books, clothes, games and more. Today we start with a […]

2009 F1 testing dates and tracks

2009 F1 testing is under way and we’ve already seen most of the F1 teams in action. Here’s a summary of the known dates for 2009 testing, along with maps of the tracks they will be visiting.

Rubens Barrichello wins International Challenge of Kart Champs in Brazil

Another win for Rubens Barrichello in an off-season kart race as he triumphed in Felipe Massa’s International Challenge of Kart Champs at Florianopolis. Barrichello narrowly won the event from Lucas di Grassi, who is bidding to take Barrichello’s place at Honda in 2009.

How the BBC’s F1 intro should look


When BBC screen their first live F1 race in 13 years next March, what should the intro look like? Here’s an exceptionally good vision of it posted on Youtube by Roadworks TV – and yes, they have used The Chain…

BMW F1 cars in pictures, 2006-2008


I’ve put some more work into extending the F1 cars picture archive, adding images of the first three BMW F1 cars. Some of the interesting things you can see in the pictures include: The ‘tower wings’ used in ther 2006 French Grand Prix, which were banned shortly after The increasing aerodynamic complexity of the 2006 […]

F1 links: Massa’s charity and Mirko Bortolotti

Lewis Hamilton cheated out of Belgium win, says Murray Walker Murray Walker: "I would like to see people experienced in a Formula One car working as stewards. I think there is no doubt that the stewards cheated Lewis Hamilton out of a justified victory [in Belgium]. In principle, I think that is obviously wrong – […]