Will the F1 teams back a candidate in the FIA president election?

Before the season began the F1 teams’ association (FOTA) declared they wanted to co-operate with the FIA, as regulators of F1, and Formula One Management, as the commercial owners, to work for the good of the sport. Luca Montezemolo declared: Every sport needs a strong political authority and regulator because we are not in a […]

2009 F1 cars quicker than in 2008

Speed is part of the essential attraction of Formula 1. But containing the ever-escalating cornering speeds of F1 cars has been a major goal of the FIA for safety reasons. The new rules introduced for 2009 were not just aimed at improving the spectacle of the racing in F1, they were also intended to keep […]

Drivers object to late race starts but Abu Dhabi wants special start time for finale

The F1 drivers have collectively voiced their unhappiness about late race start times. A GPDA representative confirmed to Autosport the Malaysian Grand Prix might have been re-started had it not been started so late: It wasn’t the rain that was the problem in Malaysia, because it can rain just as heavily at 2pm as it […]

Mike Hawthorn: Britain’s first champion

F1 Fanatic guest writer Andrew Tsvyk looks back on the career of Britain’s first world champion. When Lewis Hamilton snatched the world championship last year he became the ninth British driver to claim the title. Britain has produced more world champions than any other country. The first man to bring the world championship to Britain, […]

F1 links: Renault crashes in demo run

Renault Roadshow ends up in a crash "Multiple Middle Eastern Rally Champion Mohammed Ben Sulayem brought his involvement in Renault's Formula 1 roadshow in Dubai to an early end on Thursday, when he smashed up an R28 in a sizeable accident." How long until they draft him in to replace Nelson Piquet Jnr? The fallout […]

Eight non-F1 races I won?t miss in 2009

F1 is great – but it’s only on 17 times a year! On other weekends I look elsewhere to get my racing fix – whether I’m in the stands or on the sofa. Here are the races I’ll make sure to see in 2009 – what are you favourites?

Do you have an F1 video collection?

Here’s one of the question I get asked very often: I missed the Grand Prix last weekend ?ǣ is there anywhere I can get a copy of it? Obviously I thought it would be a good idea to write a post where I answer that question. But it also got me wondering whether many fans […]

F1?s overtaking problem solved?

The first two races of 2009 are in the books, giving us our first chance to see if the radical new regulations designed to increase overtaking have had the desired effect. So far the signs are good ?ǣ but will it last?

McLaren called before WMSC again: what will their punishment be?

Some developments are met with such little surprise they barely even qualify as ‘news’. The FIA summoning McLaren to appear before the World Motor Sports Council surely meets this criteria. The team are being called to explain why they misled stewards about Lewis Hamilton allowing Jarno Trulli past under the safety car in the closing […]

F1 links: Brawn’s exhausts under scrutiny

Brawn GP bodywork legality questioned "A small scandal is brewing about the legality of the winning Brawn GP cars at the Australian Grand Prix. It is claimed that the cars ran throughout the weekend with its exhaust pipes protruding from the bodywork by 10cm, which could be outside the regulations. The Brawn bodywork was changed […]

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