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Oops. Did we curse Toyota?

Three weeks ago, between the Valencia and Spa races, we did a poll on which team would finish fourth in the constructors’ championship. Toyota dominated the voting, with over three-quarters backing them to take fourth in the constructors’ title. Since then they haven’t scored a point and their fourth place is under attack from Renault […]

2009 F1 rules make rear wings tiny

Williams has tested a version of its car with a rear wing apparently designed to meet the 2009 F1 rules. Becken has pictures of it on his blog and here’s an artists’ impression of how the 2009 F1 cars will look (right, found on the F1Technical forum). I knew from looking at the 2009 F1 […]

Will F1 get DVD box sets like the WRC?

Duke Video has just brought out DVD box sets of the World Rally Championship season reviews and Le Mans 24 Hours races. They look great and they?re going on my Xmas list. But are we ever going to be able to get past official F1 season reviews on DVD? Formula One Management took until 2003 […]

Meet the Williams test team (Video)


This video from Williams introduces some of the people on their test team, including reserve driver Nico H???lkenberg. It shows the team working on the FW30 on a test day at Kemble airstrip.

Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonen… Who’s the best F1 driver in the wet? (Poll)

Debates and polls

When rain falls during a Grand Prix drivers find themselves robbed of their reference points. Their sensitivity to their car’s behaviour becomes even more important. Patterns of braking, steering and accelerating have to be completely re-written – often from one lap to the next. To do that successfully they must rely on feel and raw […]

Rumours about equalising F1 engines

At the British Grand Prix Max Mosley asked the teams to come up with proposals for the future technical rules in F1 from 2011. As ever, one of his stated priorities is reducing expense. The teams are due to present their response by October and have formed a new organisation to do that – FOTA. […]

How Raikkonen, Hamilton and Massa’s lap times compared at Monza

The three championship rivals had varying fortunes in the mixed weather at Monza. At one time or another each was substantially faster than the other. Here’s a look at how their lap times compared during the Italian Grand Prix:

Those Santander trophies are rubbish – and probably break F1’s rules


After the Italian Grand Prix Todd was unimpressed with the Santander logo trophies that were given to the drivers: F1 trophies I would have thought would be a very special thing, usually events have a very well designed trophy to commemorate the victory, but now – and for the rest of his life – Sebastian […]

Could Sebastien Bourdais have beaten Sebastian Vettel in the Italian GP?

A tale of two Toro Rossos: Sebastiaan Vettel started from pole position, led 49 of 53 laps, and won the race. Sebastien Bourdais started fourth on the grid, but his car stalled leaving him a lap behind, which ruined his race. I read on another site that, ignoring his first lap problem, Bourdais’ race time […]

Has Singapore’s F1 track held a race?

The next stop on the F1 calendar is another all-new venue. Like Valencia last month, the Singapore track is a street circuit, although a larger proportion of the circuit is expected to be actual roads rather than purpose-built track. A few weeks before the European Grand Prix the organisers put on an event for Formula […]