Sebastien Bourdais officially confirmed by Toro Rosso for 2009 season

Sebastien Bourdais will remain in F1 in 2009 after he was finally confirmed by Toro Rosso today, as was predicted earlier this week. The news means there will only be further open slots left on the F1 grid if a buyer is found for Honda.

The rise and fall of F1 driver numbers, 1980-2009 (F1 in numbers)

With The Team Formerly Known As Honda looking increasingly unlikely to appear at the 2009 Australian Grand Prix, the 2009 F1 season could begin with the fewest starters in more than three decades.

F1 links: Mosley’s “unusually stupid” remark

FIA president Max Mosley to stand for re-election ‘He said he expected “six or seven” people to enter the race, although Sir Fred Goodwin will not be one of them. The former Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive was linked with the role, but Mosley scotched that rumour. “Last week Sir Fred called me to […]

Alguersuari vs Turvey, round two (WSR)

Last year?s British F3 championship was decided in a thrilling finale at Donington Park. Jaime Alguersuari overcame a points deficit to beat Carlin team mate Oliver Turvey to the crown. This year the pair are set to resume their battle in the World Series by Renault. Both are still with Carlin and the inter-team rivalry […]

Max Mosley: five more years? (Poll)

Max Mosley is planning to run for election as president of the FIA once again this year.

More details on USF1 emerge

Autoblog claims to have more information about putative American F1 team USF1: The USF1’s mission is to stand apart from the other 11 teams by hyping U.S. technology under the tagline of “Made in America.” The vehicle will be designed and built in the States and piloted by a duo of American drivers. The main […]

How Hermann Tilke conquered the F1 calendar, 1996-2009 (Video)

2009 F1 season

Has Hermann Tilke ruined the F1 calendar? Let’s take a look at what he’s done for F1 track design in the last 14 years.

Mosley and teams set to clash again

Today brought new evidence of an impending and potentially massive clash between the FIA and the Formula 1 teams over costs. While FOTA is already talking about relaxing the restrictions on testing in 2009, Max Mosley is pushing for massive cuts to drastically reduce the cost of competition to around ??50m. And rumours claim he’s […]

F1 links: More cost cutting

FOTA progress continues this week “FOTA also began preliminary discussions about the results of a major market research campaign it has commissioned to find out what fans want to see in F1. Although the full findings from the document are not yet believed to have been delivered, initial results are now being looked at to […]

Biggest change to the F1 rules since??

Pat Symonds remarked recently that the radical changes in the F1 rules for 2009 were the biggest he?d seen since 1983. The ??formula? in Formula 1 has been changed many times since the world championship began in 1950. Which were the biggest changes in recent F1 history?