F1 links: Raikkonen rally video

Kimi R??ikk??nen at the Arctic Lapland Rally Video and photos of Kimi Raikkonen in the Arctic Lapland rally. Technical Briefing With Charlie Whiting Charlie Whiting explains the 2009 rules. But don’t be surprised if he suddenly changes his mind about them… I hope India hosts F1 race by 2011: Karthikeyan ‘”It is just possible. Now […]

Another disgraceful judgement which puts the future of British motor sport at risk

Croft in Yorkshire is the latest British motor racing circuit to have its future threatened by a stunningly unjust piece of lawmaking. The Yorkshire circuit, which re-opened in 1994, will have to pay almost ??1m after losing an appeal against local residents who complained about the amount of noise at the circuit. It will also […]

The new safety car rules are an improvement but could still go wrong

The final 2009 F1 rules published by the FIA a few weeks ago revealed that the much-derided ??pit lane closure? rule, which ruined several drivers’ races in 2007 and 2008, is finally being dropped. But today the it has revealed that instead of returning to the pre-2007 safety car rules, drives (and fans) will have […]

Quiz: Can you name that race?

I’ve just finished putting together lap charts for each of the races from 2008 to go into the statistics section. But then I hit upon the idea of turning them into a quiz. How many of last year’s races can you name by looking at the lap charts? Let anorak battle commence!

Formula 1?s lost nations: Argentina

In the first instalment of a six-part series we take a look at countries that have produced world champions – but now have neither Grand Prix drivers nor races in modern Formula 1. These are F1’s lost nations. Last world champion: Juan Manuel Fangio, Maserati, 1957 Last Grand Prix winner: Carlos Reutemann, Williams, Zolder, 1981 […]

F1 links: The Chain

The Chain letter “We – the undersigned – are writing an open letter to you, urging you to once again use that part from Fleetwood Mac?s The Chain as the title music to your Formula One coverage that begins this year on BBC One.” Hot from Guildford – the new James Allen Grand Prix Legends’ […]

Mario Theissen: a profile

Some time ago Becken suggested on Skribit that I write a profile of Mario Theissen. I’d been meaning to dor it during the off-season and with BMW revealing their 2009 car last week now seemed the time to get around to it. You can find the Mario Theissen biography in the Who?s who section here: […]

Which team got the best start to 2009?

The verdict of the technical writers in the British specialist press seems to be that McLaren’s MP4-24 is the most impressive of the 2009 F1 cars. But with BMW stealing an early lead on testing mileage, which team has got the new year off to the best start?

F1 links: Cartoons

Black Flag Archive I’d not seen Gurmit’s cartoons in a while – have had a good rummage through the archive and a chuckle :-) Dodgy driving standards in GP2 Asia (Video) “GP2 racers are supposed to be the Formula 1 drivers of tomorrow (although, in Yamamoto?s case, he?s a Formula 1 driver of yesterday).They and […]

Dodgy driving standards in GP2 Asia (Video)

Two drivers are side-by-side down a straight at speeds pushing 150mph. Then one driver swerves across and pushes the other straight off the track. Surely he was disqualified? Had his licence ripped up? Massive fine? Not in GP2 Asia, where a worrying lapse in stewarding has taken place.