Talking budget caps on TV tonight

I’ve been invited to appear on Sky News’s programme tonight to talk about – what else? – the budget caps row. If you’ve got Sky News tune in at 7pm tonight to see if I can explain budget capping, two-tiered regulations and FIA rules without confusing myself… I’ve been on the programme a couple […]

Six decades of great F1 drivers in Igor’s collection of pictures and autographs


Remember I said I didn’t see the point of autographs? I take it all back. Have a look at these great pictures from Igor’s massive collection of F1 driver autographs. From Vettel to Andretti, and Massa to Scheckter, his collection spans six decades of Formula 1 and mainly centres around Ferrari drivers, plus a few […]

2012 Rome Grand Prix circuit revealed

Gianni Alemanno – the mayor of Rome – will be hoping that Ferrari’s threat to pull out of F1 is a bluffing exercise. This is the street circuit in Rome which is at the centre of Alemanno’s hopes to hold a Grand Prix from 2012. Update: See below for new track map and more details […]

F1 links: Ferrari say fans back their stance

The pride of making Formula 1 great Ferrari now has a list of its F1 achievements on its home page which ends with the question: "Who wants this marvellous story to end?" Montezemolo to the fans: “Thank you for your support” "It is important to know that we can count on the support of our […]

British Grand Prix to skip a year in 2010? They said that about San Marino…

Bernie Ecclestone was widely quoted yesterday saying: If the work at Donington is not finished in time, we would be happy to skip a year. I don?t want to lose the British Grand Prix ? that?s the last thing we want to do, but we aren?t going to Silverstone for sure. I’m not in the […]

F1 links: “Puerile grandstanding”

Ferrari to quit F1? "What is going on is the kind of puerile grandstanding that typifies Formula One politics. Ferrari wishes to continue in Formula One, but on its own terms, and with its own special rules. The FIA wants F1 to get serious about cutting costs. Cue the bluffing, as Luca de Montezemolo of […]

The FIA must not let its row with Ferrari become a split that would destroy F1

The Ferrari board confirmed today it will pull its team out of F1 if the FIA does not back down on its controversial plans for the 2010 rules. Toyota and Red Bull/Toro Rosso have already voiced the same objections and several F1 news sites are indicating that Mercedes, Renault and BMW are prepared to do […]

Don’t write off the season just yet

Brawn’s rivals headed to Barcelona with high hopes of pegging back the flying BGP001s. Instead Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello motored serenely to a straightforward one-two. Button now has four wins from five starts. But I don’t think we should give up hope of seeing a close battle for the championship just yet.

Dougie takes the lead in the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship

The third round of the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship saw Dougie take a narrow five-point lead in the standings. Brouard21 and Pankit are close behind on 80 apiece. Lots of people predicted Button would continue his pole position and victory streak – but no-one named the top three correctly last weekend. Here’s the standings so […]

Webber’s fine drive and Rosberg’s troubles (Spanish Grand Prix analysis)

We’ve already discussed Rubens Barrichello’s strategy at length but there was much more going on in the Spanish Grand Prix. Here’s how Mark Webber bagged third, why Nico Rosberg had a poor race, and how Giancarlo Fisichella set a faster lap than Lewis Hamilton.

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