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Will Hamilton’s petition beat Alonso’s?

Over 26,000 people have now signed a petition decrying the FIA’s penalty against Lewis Hamilton in the Belgian Grand Prix. When I began writing this post there were just over 25,900 signatures on it. Now there are 26,202. It’s easy to by cynical about how effective online petitions are, but you have to be impressed […]

Hamilton joins Senna, Prost, Schumacher and others who had F1 wins confiscated

Lewis Hamilton will have to hand over his Belgian Grand Prix winner’s trophy to Felipe Massa (appeal pending). It will be small comfort to him that plenty of other drivers have had wins taken off them in the past. Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher and others have lost race wins after the chequered flag. More encouragingly […]

Ferrari to the fore at Monza? (2008 Italian Grand Prix preview)

At Valencia Ferrari and (Ferrari-engined) Toro Rosso dominated the speed traps. Monza has a similar mix of long straights and slow corners, so will the Ferrari-powered cars be at the front once again? And can McLaren or BMW do anything to stop the red cars running riot in front of their home crowd?

Jarno Trulli on his F1 career (Video)


Jarno Trulli looks back on his motor racing career in this video from Toyota. The Italian one-time Grand Prix winner talks about getting started in karts and memorable moment from F1. It also shows the roads around his home town of Pescara, which held the 1957 Italian Grand Prix. And, of course, Trulli’s passion for […]

Seven reasons why so many F1 fans are furious about Hamilton’s penalty

After the stewards took Lewis Hamilton’s win in the Belgian Grand Prix and handed it to Felipe Massa comments flew into F1 Fanatic faster than I had time to read them. Inevitably many have reacted to the decision based on whether they’re fans of Hamilton or Ferrari, which is understandable. But reading the hundreds of […]

2008 Belgian Grand Prix in pictures


Spa-Francorchamps in all its glory. Here’s a selection of high-resolution pictures from the 2008 Belgian Grand Prix.

2009 Belgian Grand Prix stats and facts

Felipe Massa is, for now at least, the winner of the Belgian Grand Prix. Taking the results as they stand, here’s a look at the stats and facts from yesterday’s race.

Hamilton is moral victor in Spa thriller

2008 Belgian Grand Prix review

Lewis Hamilton won a thrilling Belgian Grand Prix but the stewards’ decision to strip him of victory soured an otherwise magnificent race.

Lewis Hamilton stripped of Belgian GP win – another asinine FIA decision


Lewis Hamilton has had his victory in the Belgian Grand Prix taken away from him by the Belgian Grand Prix stewards. The stewards added 25 seconds to his race time for cutting the chicane while battling with Kimi Raikkonen, leaving him third behind Nick Heidfeld. This is an absolute travesty of a decision which mocks […]

Timo Glock loses point after penalty

Timo Glock has been relegated from eighth to ninth place in the Belgian Grand Prix after passing Mark Webber under yellow flags in the vicinity of Kimi Raikkonen’s crashed Ferrari. Glock had finished eighth, but was given a 25-second penalty by the stewards, dropping him to ninth. No word yet on any penalty for Lewis […]