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Don’t blame Hermann Tilke, blame the rules

New Formula 1 tracks usually have two things in common: they’re designed by Hermann Tilke, and they get criticised by F1 fans and commentators for being dull, sterile and unchallenging. Inevitably Tilke gets the blame, but I read something in Autosport recently that made me wonder whether that’s fair: Current F1 track design rules limit […]

“Cars at Speed” (Robert Daley, 2007 reprint)

“Cars at Speed” – what a fantastic title. I’d like to think that if the TV programme “Top Gear” had been created in the 1950s it would have been called “Cars at Speed” and presented by plummy-voiced Raymond Baxter instead of rant-meister Jeremy Clarkson. But no, “Cars at Speed” is a book about motor racing […]

F1 blogs review: Alonso vs Piquet and McLaren vs Renault

This week F1 bloggers asked how Fernando Alonso will get on with Nelson Piquet Jnr – and why McLaren got punished ahead of Renault. Plus a great video review of the F1 season and interview with Lewis Hamilton, and much more…

McLaren confirm Heikki Kovalainen for 2008

Heikki Kovalainen will be confirmed as Lewis Hamilton’s team mate at McLaren for 2008 according to today’s Times.

F1 news review: Win 2007 DVDs, Autocourses and more

In this week’s round-up of F1 news and articles there’s stacks of prizes to be won including F1 2007 DVDs, Autocourse 2007 annuals, Lewis Hamilton books and more. Plus a fatality at Interlagos, new plans for a night race in Australia, more tests for Michael Schumacher, the battle for the last few 2008 F1 drives […]

Mosley proposes halt to McLaren spy investigation

Max Mosley has proposed that the proceedings regarding McLaren’s possession of Ferrari intellectual property be brought to a close following McLaren’s public apology earlier today. This comes following the publication of the FIA’s technical report which casts new light on how McLaren engineers were planning to use the material obtained from Ferrari’s Nigel Stepney by […]

McLaren apologises over Ferrari spy scandal

McLaren has taken the surprising step of issuing an apology over the spy scandal for which it was thrown out of the 2007 constructors’ championship. In a statement on its website the team said: It has become clear that Ferrari information was more widely disseminated within McLaren than was previously communicated. McLaren greatly regrets that […]

Spanish sponsor quits McLaren for 2008

Ordinarily I wouldn’t bother writing a separate post about a sponsor leaving a team, such as today’s news Spanish insurance group Mutua Madrilena are leaving McLaren before the 2008 season. According to Autosport: Mutua Madrilena said in a statement that its decision to leave McLaren was not linked with Alonso’s exit and that they had […]

‘McLaren witch hunt’ discussed at second spy hearing

I’m still trying to get everything that happened in F1′s two spying scandals straight in my head at the moment. While doing some work on it tonight I came across a passage that give further insight into Max Mosley’s thinking on the FIA’s pursuit of the Sunday Times and Martin Brundle over the ‘witch hunt’ […]

Video: Raikkonen & Hamilton get started in karts


Here’s one for those who like chuckling at floppy youth hairstyles: six videos showing 2007 F1 champion Kimi Raikkonen and runner-up Lewis Hamilton in their karting days. Some of their strongest characteristics are already plain to see – Raikkonen’s laid-back reticence and wry smile are much in evidence. Behind the wheel Hamilton’s attacking, opportunistic race […]