Hello to Hector

On the train home from work I usually thrash out a few ideas for articles, listen to podcasts or sleep. The one thing I never do is talk to anyone, because that would violate Rule 1 of Travelling on the London Underground. This evening, however, someone did speak to me, and I’m glad I resisted […]

F1 2009 technology: front wing

F1 Fanatic guest writer John Beamer looks at the technology of the 2009 F1 cars, starting with those eye-catching front wings. Contrary to what many feared a few months ago, 2009 will be a bonanza for F1 technical aficionados. The lower (and flatter)??front wing, higher nose and deletion of various aerodynamic paraphernalia circling the chassis […]

2009 F1 teams information

I’ve been updating the information for the ten 2009 F1 teams and you can find links to each of their pages below. As well as basic information on each team there’s also a run-down of key members of staff, maps of where their team headquarters are, and more. Here’s the pages for each of the […]

2009 F1 testing: March 16th

Today four F1 teams are scheduled to test in Jerez. Williams, Renault and Brawn GP were all running at the track yesterday, and McLaren will resume work on their troublesome MP4-24.

F1 links: Toyota considered quitting F1

Keep On Smiling, Alex "The quick response of the marshals and medics saved Alex’s life. They stabalised him as best they could and rushed him to hospital. It took about 60 minutes from impact to arriving at Berlin, at which point doctors worked tirelessly to stem the bleeding and transfuse blood into Alex. The violence […]

2009 F1 testing: March 15th (Video)

The first of five days of testing began in Jerez today, with four teams present. But one, McLaren elected not to do any running, and will stay on for an extra day at the end of the test. Brawn GP repeated their form from earlier this week with Rubens Barrichello posting the fastest time.

British press on Hamilton’s troubles

Lewis Hamilton has been the golden boy of Fleet Street since he arrived on the F1 scene two years ago. While the national football and cricket teams have struggled, his has been one of few success stories for Britons in international sport. But facing a potentially un-competitive season with the McLaren MP4-24, Hamilton can expect […]

Digger: NASCAR’s F1-hating gopher (Video)


Gather round young ‘uns! Digger’s gonna teach y’all’ ’bout the evils of foreigners and their funny-lookin’ racin’ cars… NASCAR’s cartoon gopher Digger lampoons F1 in this hilariously bad cartoon from a recent race. Yeah, it sucks, but it’s a lot better than Talladega Nights… In case you’re wondering what a gopher called Digger has to […]

F1 links: McLaren in trouble

McLaren admit problem, but how bad is it? "Looking at the lap times from Wednesday and Thursday, Hamilton doesn’t do any long runs, 10 laps is his maximum and the car runs in the 1m 22s and high 1m 21s. It’s very hard to guess how heavy the car is when they did this run, […]

Who looks good for ’09? Rank the teams

The last full group test ahead of the new season finished yesterday. Two weeks from today, the 2009 F1 cars will be driven in anger for the first time in practice for the Australian Grand Prix. Based on what we?ve seen so far, how accurately can we predict the form of each of the teams […]

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